How to build the Church stronger

Obadiah 1:14 - Neither shouldest thou have stood in the crossway, to cut off those of his that did escape; neither shouldest thou have delivered up those of his that did remain in the day of distress.

In the Church there are some people who do all the studying and research of scripture and become the tree under which all the others dwell and take shade. This scene looks very good only if those who sit in the shade do not go out to witness Christ.

Just a day before I was debating with someone on the net and even though I do a lot of study of the Bible and had a firm foundation yet my foundation was shaken for a moment, but it was my relationship with God and my trust in Him that He saved me and revealed the most amazing things that helped me put down the head that was raised against the Truth.

In the whole Bible or even in the history of man there is no man who is a better teacher than Jesus Christ, and we see even this perfect man knew His limits as man and did not take on the task of being the final teacher for His own disciples. God (the Son) who is as omnipotent as the Father knew His limits as a human. Yet we see most preachers consider themselves the eternal teachers for those whom they nurture. They do not guide their students on how to connect with the Holy Spirit, to communicate with Him, learn from Him and be moulded by Him.

In yesterday's message what the Lord asked of us regarding building the Church, does not happen because we do not let the Lord build us.

Understand building of the Church starts with building of each of us individuals. Unless the Rock of our foundation is not the Spirit of Truth, we will not be a strong Church. Jesus never stated Himself to be the Rock but always stated Himself to be the cornerstone - the example for all of us. Pau; calls Christ the Rock for Christ includes the Holy Spirit and not just Jesus. Jesus showed us in the Bible how He depended on the Holy Spirit and how through the power of the Holy Spirit He was kept without blemish.

We Christians think of us to be smarter and greater than Jesus when we ignore the importance of the Holy Spirit. We do not realize the seriousness consequences of our lack of knowledge of the Kingdom of God through His Word. We do not realize we build or destroy people by our words and our way of life.

By today's message the Lord is telling us not to be people standing on crossroads for we can destroy others. If we have a doubt we should immediately pursue the understanding of it. If we do not get people to answer us we should ask the Lord to open our mind to its understanding. Many think ourselves to be too small for the Lord to teach us like He did to Daniel or others in the Bible and that is our greatest mistake.

In the Bible every man including Jesus as man is loved the same by God. The favour of God and gifting are more or less to each depending on the mission that person has in his or her life but the love still remained the same. There was no human, is and will be who can say God loves him more than any other.

A Man of God is not a person loved more by God but is a man with a mission in whom God takes pleasure. When each one of us takes on the mission which Jesus Christ has given us as His followers, each one of us become Men and Women of God - the anointed ones of the Lord.

Let us build the Wall stronger by building ourselves in the Lord. Let us be one with Him and in Him (the Holy Spirit). Let all things we do be through Him.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are the Temple and we are the bricks of the Heavenly Temple. But on earth You have made is each a temple yet part of the greater Temple which is your Bride and which will be part of You in Heaven. Lord, help us undo all the corruption which this world and its lies have sown into us. Help us root out the bad seed and help the good seed blossom and bear fruit...

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