The Godless will perish

Job 27:21 - The east wind carries him away, and he is gone; It sweeps him out of his place.

If one reads Job 27:8-23 Job talks about what happens to the Godless person. Among the many things stated by Job are things like the Godless will build a wealth which will be like a curse to him, he will not be able to enjoy it and it will be enjoyed by someone else. He and his children will be victims to disease and calamities.

We all know that nothing good happens to a Godless person, so I do not have to go into the details of it. But I would like to touch on the classification of a Godless person.

If someone is asked who is a Godless person and the answer will quickly come as one who does not know God the creator. One who worships idols, false gods etc...

My question is would be can a Christian who knows God and worships God still be a Godless person? The answer is YES.

Let us understand who a Godless person is.

Let me explain it this was if a person is possessed with an evil spirit, it does not mean that the evil spirit is a virus that has infected the body of the person. In some cases we will see physical manifestation of a possessed person but the possession is more spiritual than physical. It has to do with the inner-man of the person being controlled or influenced by the evil spirit. There are times such a person would be normal and suddenly be transformed into evil. Mostly when there is true worship or anointing around such a person will manifest. This means the control is not continuous but on and off. It matters under whose influence the inner-man is that we see the result.

When it comes to a Godly person the same is applicable. When our inner-man is influenced by the Word of God or the Spirit of God we are called Godly people.

Thus we see a Godless is not a person who does not know God, he or she may be knowing god and trembling at it like Satan does but if that person is not influenced by God then that person is called a Godless person.

Being Godly is not a onetime stamp of approval. Being Godly is a process in which we grow to be more and more Godlier. It is a process of abiding more and more in the Word of God and submitting to the Spirit of the Lord. It is a process of being more and more like Christ.

We need to ask ourselves are we Godly people or Godless people? If Godly, how Godly, how much of our life is influenced by God and His Word? In other words let us ask ourselves how much of Christ is in us? Do people see Christ in us, not only by our words but also by our way of life?

Being in Christ gives us eternal life and a blessed life, and being far from Christ mean perishing.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are life and your Word is life. Lord, we are called Godly when we have life in us, when we have You and your Word in us. Lord, we pray that we get more and more rooted in your Word and we always be in relationship with You communicating with You...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scriptures ]
Job 27:8-23
8 What hope do people without God have when life is cut short? when God puts an end to life?
9 Do you think God will listen to their cry for help when disaster hits?
10 What interest have they ever shown in the Almighty? Have they ever been known to pray before?
11 "I've given you a clear account of God in action, suppressed nothing regarding God Almighty.
12 The evidence is right before you. You can all see it for yourselves, so why do you keep talking nonsense?
13 "I'll quote your own words back to you: "'This is how God treats the wicked, this is what evil people can expect from God Almighty:
14 Their children-all of them-will die violent deaths; they'll never have enough bread to put on the table.
15 They'll be wiped out by the plague, and none of the widows will shed a tear when they're gone.
16 Even if they make a lot of money and are resplendent in the latest fashions,
17 It's the good who will end up wearing the clothes and the decent who will divide up the money.
18 They build elaborate houses that won't survive a single winter.
19 They go to bed wealthy and wake up poor.
20 Terrors pour in on them like flash floods-a tornado snatches them away in the middle of the night,
21 A cyclone sweeps them up-gone! Not a trace of them left, not even a footprint.
22 Catastrophes relentlessly pursue them; they run this way and that, but there's no place to hide-
23 Pummeled by the weather, blown to kingdom come by the storm.'

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