Peace on Terms

Colossians 1:20 - by making peace through the blood of his cross.

Jesus was called the Prince of Peace - yet he warned that He brought a sword to earth that would divide families, friends, and societies. Peace is offered but it is on God's terms. I can find no substitute peace in power, wealth, education, human strength or wisdom. And here is where many people have hit an obstacle in their quest for peace.

The tragedy of sin is that it does un-peaceful things: it enslaves, systematically deprives, and then kills. The man who rejects the blood of Jesus will never find freedom from these evils - he is enslaved by lust for all the things of this world. He begins to experience slow but inevitable deprivation as he loses his ability to control, to afford, to understand, to change or to enjoy the things that bind him. He knows no peace and at long last he dies - taking nothing with him, retaining power over nothing, and now having no hope for anything.

Tragedy is Christian faith is paradoxical:
Surrender is not doom - it is the path to victory.
Freedom from sin and death is not an achievement - it is a gift.
Eternal life is available only to those who fully give their lives unto Jesus, receiving peace by the blood of His cross.

There is no other way.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father and God, how very humble we feel when we consider that You have made arrangements that we can have eternal life in Jesus. Bring us to a true faith. Amen.

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