He Is Watching Over You

"... Look! There he stands behind our wall,
gazing through the windows,
peering through the lattice."

Song of Solomon 2:9

Whether He watches through the windows or through the lattices, God always watches over us. At times when He watches us through the windows, we can see Him just as He sees us. At other times, when He watches us through a crack in the partition, He can see us but we do not see Him.

The Bible lets us know that there will be times of anguish, when we may feel that God is not among us. When His intervention is less evident, we must know that He still watches over us, even if only "through the cracks in the lattices." At such times we must strengthen our faith and declare, "Behold, the Keeper of Israel (God's people) does not sleep nor slumber."

Thank Him for being with you - He'll never leave you nor forsake you!

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