What Can I Do For You?

"As a man thinks in his heart, so is he." Proverbs 23:7

What are your first thoughts when you meet another person?

People who have a strong tendency to be takers, think, "What can this person do for me?" People who have a strong tendency to be critical, think, "What can I find that is negative about this person?" Some people tend to think, "Do I like or respect this person or not?" And others focus on the question, "Do I feel comfortable in the presence of this person?" And yet others think about, "What does this person think of me?"

When you meet someone, let your first thought be, "What can I do for this person?" This way you will view each encounter with a fellow human being as an opportunity to give and help.

It is relatively easy to develop the habit of asking this question. At first, you need to deliberately ask yourself this question over and over again. Asking it enough times will cause it to pop into your mind automatically. After a while, as soon as you meet someone you will hear the question, "What can I do for this person?"

Stop for a few minutes right now and repeat many times, "What can I do for this person?" Enjoy the process and feel the joy rising within you.

As you repeat the question, "What can I do for this person?" think of specific people you know. Begin with people you like a lot. Then think of those towards whom you are neutral. Finally, think about those with whom you experience difficulty when you deal with them. We all need the assistance and encouragement of others at one time or another. When you think about how you can help a person whose help you need, you needn't think of it in terms of bartering: "He is doing something for me, so I will do something for him." Rather, this can be viewed as part of your general attitude of wanting to help others even more than you want others to help you. Even if someone has more resources than you do, you still might be able to say or do something to enhance his life.

We often hear the expression, "When you look for something, you will find it." It's easy to find blemishes, mistakes, errors and limitations in others. When you look down at people they feel the negative energy emanating from you, which makes it difficult to get along with others. After you practice asking "What can I do for this person" for a couple of weeks, you will experience a major shift in the way you feel towards others. Much of the stress that you formerly felt will melt away and you will have more energy and joy than ever before.

[ Prayer for the Day ]

Father God, use me for Your Kingdom. There are many people out there whom You want to reach out to through me. I am a vessel; use me in Your service to supply to the needs of others. Let them see Christ in me. This prayer I ask in Jesus' Name. Amen.

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