Jesus can satisfy our hunger and thirst

John 6:35 - And Jesus said unto them, I am the bread of life: he that cometh to me shall never hunger; and he that believeth on me shall never thirst.

When Jesus said I am the bread of life He did not mean the physical edible bread but spiritual manna.

The Word of God was given before Jesus came as man. Jesus is the manifestation of the Word. It is by his Spirit that the Word is revealed to us. Jesus said He is the bread because He is the Word. To never hunger one needs to come to Him. The Greek word used for cometh here is erchomai and it has the TVM (Tone Voice Mode) < 5740 > - Present, Middle or Passive Deponent, Participle.

The process of coming to Lord Jesus Christ is in the Present tense (current), Passive (not in physical efforts but mental and spiritual) and Participle (continuous till completed).

And to never thirst one need to believe which means to have faith in Him.

So to never hunger and thirst in spirit one does not need to die and go to heaven. We can experience this here on earth by being on this journey to come to the Lord Jesus Christ and to increase our faith in Him.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, I thank You for the seed of faith by which I believe in Jesus. I ask You Father by your Spirit to help me grow this faith more and more that I may not thirst. I also ask You Holy Spirit to lead me as I take this journey to come to my Lord Jesus Christ. I ask this his mighty Name, Amen.

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