Proper Conduct

"Behold the day is still long; it is not time to bring back the sheep." -- Genesis 29:7

Jacob came to Haran to find a wife as his parents commanded him. He came to a well covered by a large stone, and saw the shepherds just waiting around, wasting time. He first asked them about the welfare of Laban and his family and then went on to ask them, "Why are you just standing around not doing your job? It's not time to go home.", but look at the tone of his voice.

Was Jacob out of line in criticizing the shepherds? What business was it to him what they were doing? They were not his workers.

The Bible points out that a righteous person cannot bear to see wrongdoing. When Jacob saw them not doing their job, it pained him; therefore he gave them some constructive criticism.

When we see something wrong and do not react, it will be easier for us to fall into that same trap. When we see disrespectful or dishonest behavior, we should consider the proper way to address it rather than just overlook it or bluntly rebuke it. This way we will be less prone to be influenced by that same behavior. Of course, it is not always possible to say something - each situation must be judged separately.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, give me the wisdom to conduct myself properly. Help me to speak out when necessary with the right words or guide with the right actions. Let not my heart be hardened, to ignore or be careless of your children who are lost or need help. I ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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