Israel will be forsaken

Book of Hosea

In the book of Hosea the Lord symbolizes His people to be the prostitute and yet asks Hosea to marry one as a symbolic quester of God's relation with His people. Hosea out his marriage with his wife Gomer had first a son whom the Lord told Hosea to name as Jezreel. Hosea then had a daughter whom the Lord instructed to be named Loruhamah. Immediately even as Loruhamah was been weaned his wife had another child a son whom the Lord instructed to be named Loammi.

When the Angel released the Apostles Peter and John from prison the Angel referred to the Word of God as Instructions of Life. There is a study of the Bible called Bible codes also called ELS codes. Through this study people have found details of events with names and dates.

The Oklahoma bombing had the words - Oklahoma - Murrah (the name of the building) - Timothy Mc Veigh (name of the person who was arrested and convicted of the crime).

There are many records found by ELS codes regarding the Second World War like the words like Hitler - Nazi - enemy - evil man - slaughter.

Even astrological events like a comet crashing into a planet was found with dates, a long time before it happened.
Shoemaker-Levy - impacts - Jupiter (written twice with one place the date of impact) - July 16 1994

Most amazing details found were of some events which will baffle any man.

(Lady Diana) Princess - Diana - Spencer (her real surname) - (princess of) Wales - France - Paris (where she died) - tunnel - river (location where she died) - 1997 (the year she died) - August (the month she died) - Fayed (the man who died with her whom she is stated to be having an affair with at that time).

USA consulate (bombing) - Nairobi - Kenya (the place where the consulate was bombed) - August 7th - 1998 - (time) 10:45 - in the morning - 247 people - murdered (number of people who died in the bombing) - truck bomb (mode by which the bomb was delivered) - (also found were the names of the 3 alleged terrorist).

This mode of this study is rooted in equidistance letters forming simple or complex patterns. This study has only been feasible using the current technology - computers. Without computers a simple verification of an event would take months.

The mode of this study is documented in the Bible in Genesis 20:2 where its every 5th letter forms the words which mean 'lattice work of equidistance-letter sequence'. So we see the Bible is not just instructions of life but also history of life.

Why am I taking of ELS codes in today's message? And what has ELS codes to do with Hosea and his wife or God and His people?

The reason is that it is a great irony that the scriptures Genesis 20:2 records the time when Abraham forsakes his marriage with his wife Sarah.

Like ELS codes the Lord has taught me another study which I call as Image Study (which Daniel or Job were made to understand) which goes into symbolism of names, creatures, colours, relationships etc.

If we see the names and their meanings it opens all together a new light to the message

Hosea - salvation
Gomer - complete
Jezreel - God sows
Lo-ruhamah - no mercy
Lo-ammi - not my people

God's people are not complete without God. Man due to sin became a corrupt soul yet God sowed in to the life of man with the sacrifice of His Son. But there comes a stage where God denies His people and says no mercy will be shown to them and comes to the extent of saying they are not my people. If we study the book of Hosea Israel is given unto Assyria a kingdom which did more destruction to the Jews than even Hitler or any kingdom has done to any set of people.

The word Assyria means 'step' which symbolizing (worldly) prosperity.
The word Ephraim means double ash-heap or 'I shall be doubly fruitful'.

By today's message God talks of forsaking His people because His people are fornicating spiritually due to their lust for worldly prosperity. They are Ephraim, people who want more and more of the blessings of this world. Look around the most famous preachers are those who talk mostly about being blessed; blessed with wealth, good jobs, worldly relationships; Healers who concentrate on physical healings more than spiritual healings.

If we do not want God to forsake us, we need to have it in us that these worldly things are only for one purpose that is to meet our needs not our wants. Let us not be people of whoredom but be His spiritually complete people whom the Lord originally called us to be.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, your people do not know the purpose You made us in this flesh. They crave for things of the flesh. Adam before sin never craved for anything but sin corrupted him and his generations. We have natural and spiritual sicknesses due to our corrupt flesh. Lord Jesus You showed how You overcame both the natural flesh and the carnal flesh of man and remained perfect. Your resurrection in Spirit and in natural body was proof of your overcoming. Help us not to crave for worldly things and pleasures but only for things of your Kingdom...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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Read Hosea 1

Genesis 20:2 - And Abraham said of Sarah his wife, She is my sister: and Abimelech king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah.

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