Understanding prophesies and time in the Bible

Jeremiah 1:14 - The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly.

In the Bible we have many scriptures which warn or prophesy of things 'coming soon' or 'near' or 'at hand' or 'quickly' etc. and we find these scripture that were written thousands of years before are still believed to be true today.

On one hand we have many who believe almost all scriptures are going to happen tomorrow and on the other hand we have people who believe this 'near' or 'coming soon' or 'at hand' is not for us but many years later. We also have people who claim to believe in Jesus Christ but do not really believe in these scriptures. These people really do not know Jesus Christ or who YHWH is and do not realize if they do not believe even in 1 scripture from the prophetic books of the Bible (all books of the Bible are not prophetic books for some are testimonies, chronicles, teachings etc.) it is like indirectly rejecting the Lord Jesus Christ or calling Him a liar.

The Word of God is multi-dimensional in time. There is one aspect that causes it to be current when the written Word (Logos) is given by the Lord to us for the moment thus making it the Rhema or spoken Word. Irrespective of what the Word is that Word becomes applicable to that moment in our lives and will be fulfilled in the way it is given to be.

Then there is the shadow Word which are prophecies fulfilled historically yet are not primarily for that event. The historical events are not the complete fulfilment of the scripture but shadows of the real fulfilment of the scripture (almost all events on the Old Testament were shadow fulfilled; it was not that the Word was a shadow but the events were).

Since this is very important I will take a few examples:-

Moses getting the tablets with the Commandments of God written by the Finger of God (Holy Spirit) on the day of Pentecost was a shadow fulfilment and was prophetically fulfilled when the Church received the Holy Spirit that very day after Jesus' Resurrection. This event also becomes a Rhema fulfilment every time a person is baptized in the Holy Spirit. The shadow gives a good understanding of what happens in spirit.

Another example is the scriptures concerning last days. When Jesus was asked this question Jesus gave warnings which were fulfilled in the 70AD when the Romans attacked Jerusalem and destroyed it completely but the world did not end. Does that make Jesus wrong? NO.

First we need to understand the scriptures which Jesus spoke were not new but were given before and were fulfilled once before as recorded in books of Maccabee. Jesus just added a few details to it. Those scriptures are still concerning the end times. They were shadow fulfilled so as to give us an idea of how the events will unfold at the last days. Events of great importance are shadow fulfilled more than once, almost all the time we see they are partly fulfilled in the shadow.

Another example we see most scriptures concerning Israel and the Promised Land also are of the same case. During the times of Moses / Joshua we see they were part fulfilled, again in 1900s we see they were almost fulfilled and even now people think they will be fulfilled with Israel the country getting the Promised Land. These people want the shadow more than the real prophesy and they will be disappointed. The real Israel are the people of God, their real Star of David is the Lord Jesus Christ and the real Promised Land is Heaven and surely the scripture will be fulfilled and the real Israel will inherit the real Promised Land forever, but the earthly Israel will not see the fulfilment cause it will bring Jesus Christ to a not and by the way this natural world is not forever and will cease to exist one day. Also is the case with prophesise concerning Babylon and other important events.

The real fulfilment or prophetic fulfilment of scriptures happen in its timeline and one of the greatest difficult parts in Bible Study is to understand the timeline of events. No one has the perfect understanding of the whole timeline of events but one can day by day get a better understanding and clearer view of the timeline as they grow in understanding of scriptures.

Today's scripture is not a Rhema Word for the day nor is it a shadow Word (this Word was also given by other Prophets for all things are confirmed in scripture at least twice or thrice). This Word was given many a times, fulfilled many times in its shadow but will be fulfilled in full very soon. Just think how great its impact would be.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, times are at hand which most Prophet spoke of and warned about. Lord, You are giving us more and more of your Spirit, your grace and spiritual gifts so as to enable us to stand these times of test. Help us Lord not only to stand the winds of time but to also hold on to the others that they may not fall too and also as one we have a better chance to stand these times of test...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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