The Power of Obedience

"If you are willing and obedient, you will eat the best from the Land"
(Isaiah 1:19, NIV)

Is there something in your life that you know God is asking you to do, but you just haven't done it yet? Maybe He's asking you to let go of an addiction in your life. Or maybe a relationship that isn't healthy for you. Maybe He's asking you to make a commitment that you just haven't gotten around to yet. You may not fully understand why, but know this: God is out for your good. He longs to give you the best of the Land (Kingdom of Heaven). He longs to pour out His blessing upon you. But you have to do your part. You have to open your heart and choose to be willing and obedient. Ask the Lord today to give you an obedient heart. Ask Him to show you what adjustments to make in your life so that everything you do is pleasing to Him. As you choose to be obedient in every area of your life, you will experience God's best and live the abundant life He's promised you!

A Prayer for Today

Father, thank you for your promises and blessings today. I know that obedience opens the door for you to work in my life. I choose to obey you today and invite you to fill every area of my life. I honor you and give you glory in all I do. In Jesus' Name. Amen.

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