Our God is God

Luke 21:18 - But there shall not an hair of your head perish.

There are many Christians who believe in 'some' God. I used the word 'some' because for them their God is 'somewhat there' and 'somewhat not there'. Their God seems to be capable but yet can not do anything, therefore they do not believe in miracles or healings.

They even confess that they have received the Holy Spirit through the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but they consider Him helpless. He being God seems not capable to do anything in their lives.

These so called smart people are full of vanity. They contradict themselves in almost every statement.

If you know your God then life can be full of wonders. Let me share with you something that happened with me last Saturday.

I received a SMS request blood for someone serious. I, being of the same blood group responded to that message. I came to know that this person the day before was give 20 to 25 bottles of blood and today needed about 30 bottles, since a valve of his heart had burst.

At that time I was with my family at the other end of Mumbai at my in laws house and I made many changes in our program for that day, disappointing quite a few of my family members and left with my wife and daughter in hand towards south Mumbai to the Hospital, which was also near to my house.

I could barely remember the last and only time I gave blood. So I was a little nervous about giving blood. Before leaving I prayed (for hardly a minute) and I received a message from the book of Jonah, where he tells them to throw him in the water to solve their problem. My giving blood was Jonah's water to me. I make up my mind to go ahead and give blood expecting something great to happen.

When I reached the place I found a group of young boys anxious at the gates of the hospital waiting for people. When I contacted the person whom I spoke on the phone I was led to the blood bank to fill a form. With me there were 5 to 6 other persons filling forms for this same person.

After filling my form, since I finished first I was requested to go in for checkup immediately and as I entered the room a person came saying no need to give any blood. All were surprised (not me), some even requested that person to take and keep the blood for later or the next day. But the person blankly refused and told us he would contact us if necessary. The whole day I did not receive any call. In the late evening I contact the person to find how his condition was, and I was told his situation was under control and he was improving.

Our God is God and everything is possible with Him. He will not let a hair of you be harmed if you believe and stick to Him. What restricts Him to work in your life is your faithlessness.

It's your choice if you want to believe in a God Who is a statue, picture or reference (whatever you think of Him) or you want to believe in an Almighty Living God Who is now with you.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord God, You came to dwell with man after your Son Jesus Christ paid the ransom for our lives. Lord God, You are Almighty and nothing is beyond You. Help me realize Who You are and that You are with me and in me, making nothing impossible for me. Let all things be for your glory and me a part of your glory...

We make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

The Word of God was given free to us, therefore we should also share it freely with others.
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