God judges His leaders first

Psalm 82:1,2 - God takes His stand in His own congregation; He judges in the midst of [within] the rulers. How long will ye judge unjustly, and accept the persons of the wicked? Selah.

In the Bible we see in some places in the book of Psalms this word 'Selah' added to the end of the scripture. In Hebrew script there was no way in adding bold or italics to the text so as to highlight or show importance to the script the word Selah was put at the end of the sentence. Thus those scriptures which have that word needs to understood properly and taken very seriously.

Lots of people want to stand on the podium and preach, or they want to be Pastors or group leaders. They do not understand that not only are they first targets in the line of attack by Satan but also they are the first to be judged by the Lord.

In today's message the Lord says He is more concern of His congregation (Church) than other people of this world. And of the people of His congregation He judges first the rulers or those whom He has set as leaders.

The main points which the Lord gives importance to is about being unjust and compromising His Holiness.

We need to know as leaders that all His people are loved by the Lord impartially. He does stretch His hand to those who require mercy more like the poor, orphans, widows, sick, disabled etc. and that is expected also of us. But being partial according to status, richness, beauty etc. is what He dislikes.

Another factor which the Lord is very stern about is compromising His Holiness. Many Church leaders will not mind standing on a stage with the wicket as long as they get the stage. They would mind 'white lies' so as to enable them to get more funds to enlarge their ministries. There are many examples I can give and they will go on and on.

Leaders need to realize when we are preaching of a Living God Who is all knowing and all seeing, why then is there no fear of Him in us. Do we think He is blind to us but seeing to all others?

As leaders we carry great responsibility for we carry His Name and represent Him unto others. We may be weak He will strength us; but if we deliberately do mischief and say we are weak, we are considering God a fool.

God is very possessive of His people are more possessive of His Name for He is a Holy God and Holy is His Name. In yesterday's message too He did say if we cannot keep His Name Holy by discarding all our idols then we should not stand in His Name.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord God, You are Holy and all the Heaven cries 'Holy Holy Holy' unto You unceasingly. Your glory fills the Heavens and earth. Your people are loved by You and You have shown us how much You loved them in your Word. Lord we pray for all the Watchmen / Shepherds You have set over your people that they walk according to your ways as shown in Jesus Christů

We make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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