Invitation: My Father wants to invest in YOU

My Father has lots of resources, lots of powers, lots of prosperity and much more. He wants to give you the authority to use all these. He wants to invest in you, but to do that He wants to see some change in you. He knows at the current state you will not do too good, but if He finds change in you, then He will give you access to His authority.

Do you want my Father to invest in you?

The good part is, when He invests in you He even adopts you and makes you His child. You will become my brother. We have a big Brother Jesus by whom I could come to our Father. Listen to Him and change according to His instruction. He is right now busy in Heaven interceding for you, but He has not left us alone. Since you have received this invitation He has promised His Holy Spirit to guide you to become one of the family members and be like Him. He is perfect. The Holy Spirit is the secret of Jesus' success when Jesus was on earth visiting us. Our big brother Jesus on His visit did pay a heavy price so that we could receive His Holy Spirit; the Spirit which was on Him. That's why they even call Him 'Christ'. The authority was with Him and by Him, we can get it. The secret is His name 'Jesus'. As you change and become like Him the Holy Spirit will reveal you the secret to you and you will be able to invoke the authority which is in His Name and be successful like Him.

Come and Be Powerful, Be Resourceful, Lacking Nothing, Overcoming this World.

This invitation may not last for long and has an expiry.

RSVP Jesus soon.

To contact Him do the following:-

Close your eyes and say 'Jesus, I want to receive the authority that is in your Name. I want to come closer to your Father; God. I want to become His son and your brother. I believe in You and all that You did for me. Baptize me with your Holy Spirit so that I become like You. I ask this prayer in You Name.'

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