Restrain your desire for money

Whoever loves money never has money enough; whoever loves wealth is never satisfied with his income. This too is meaningless. -- - Ecclesiastes 5:10

The New Testament repeatedly warns us about our desire for wealth. Unrestrained, this desire can become our god and lead us to ruin (1 Tim. 6:9-10). It can become full-fledged idolatry (Col. 3:5). Chasing after wealth is just another vain attempt to make life meaningful. In the last two verses of Ecclesiastes, the Wise Man reveals where true meaning is found and explains what Paul means when he says, "Godliness with contentment is great wealth." (1 Tim. 6:6).

[ Prayer Starter ]

Almighty and generous Father, thank You for blessing me so richly. Please fill my heart with your generosity so that I can be a conduit of blessing to those in need around me. Guard my heart from greed, selfishness, and envy so that I may receive your gifts with thanks and share them with joy. In Jesus' Name I pray. Amen.

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