Grace of God through Jesus Christ

Philippians 4:19 - But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

I really admire Paul and his work in the Lord. No doubt he was not perfect but was always open for correction from the Lord. He never hid his problems and made all efforts to work towards the finish product which the Lord wanted in him. He also never tried to over do nor compromise in the Lord.

An example was the finance area in his life. Paul was a full time minister, yet he ran a business of tent making and travelled different parts of the world doing God's work as well as selling his tents. The grace of God was on him therefore he never needed to put his hand out to the people for his personal needs. No doubt he did take from people at times just to bless them.

I too have been blessed by the Lord with the same grace in that area. All my needs for my family and for the Lord's work are provided by the Lord. I never needed to look elsewhere for my needs. In my life there are very rare occasions wherein I accepted any financial help from people. This I do only after discerning if I need to bless them or not by receiving.

Just to give an example, the day before my trip to Dubai I was shown by the Lord that someone is going to give me some money. What was important was the Lord showed a couple and the relationship between them, and the problem in each. And when I reached Dubai I did have a sister who visited me and did bless me with some money. I took it because I was told by the Lord to do it and that I prayed for them. And the interesting part is since my task was to just receive and bless, I lost that same amount of money the very next day. I rarely have lost any procession since I came into the Lord and this was one such occasion.

It is a wrong notion among workers in the Lord's vineyard that one needs to leave all other kind of activity to minister to the Lord's people full time and to depend on the people's thanksgiving for their needs. Some may be called by the Lord to do this, but remember it is more difficult to live a normal life and still try to keep it holy. It is easy if one isolates one self to pursue holiness, but if we preach to people who live in sin, we need to also be a living example for them. This can be only possible if God's grace is on us.

The good news is every since Jesus Christ came as man on earth abundant grace has been made available to all mankind. All we need to do is by faith tap into it.

What is the difference between mercy and grace?
Both are the same, but the difference lies in the quantities. Mercy can be of any amount but grace is mercy of the quantity sufficient to overcome the hurdle.

The grace to meet all our needs in all areas of our lives - financial, medical, emotional etc. have already made available through the riches of our Lord Jesus Christ. Let us through our faith in Him, receive it.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, we thank You for the abundant grace You have made available to us through your Son, Lord Jesus Christ. Lord we believe in the salvation by the death and resurrection of Jesus and we have also received His Spirit, Who works in us. By faith in Him we receive all the grace we need in all the areas of our lives to overcome every problem area of our lives...

We make this prayer of faith in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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