And when the people complained, it displeased the Lord-(They were as it were, complainers) - Numbers 11:1

There is a very remarkable phrase in the book of Numbers, in the account of the murmuring of the children of Israel in the wilderness. It reads like this: "When the people, as it were, murmured." Like most marginal readings, it is better than the text, and a great world of suggestive truth lies back of that little sentence. Many a vivid picture rises before our imagination of people who do not dare to sin openly and unequivocally but manage to do it "as it were" only. They do not lie overtly, but they evade, or equivocate or imply enough falsehood to escape a real conviction of conscience. They do not openly accuse God of unkindness or unfaithfulness, but they strike at Him through other ways. They find fault with circumstances and people and things that God has permitted to come into their lives and, "as it were" murmur. Perhaps they do not go any farther than that. But they feel like doing s, if they dared they would "charge God foolishly." These things were written for our warning.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, I am sorry for the times when I lost faith in You and your Word. I am sorry for the times I complained that You are not looking after me, even though I know that I would not survive even for a short time if it is not for You. Father God I love You and trust in all that You are doing with me and in me. Amen.

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