His Covenant saves us

Psalms 106:45 - And for their sake He remembered His covenant, And relented according to the multitude of His mercies.

People mistake between Covenants and Testimonies which the Word of God has been broken into called the Old and New Testament. The splitting of the Bible has caused people to think God changed and the Laws of God changed. Firstly remember God does not change. God is always growing in glory but His basic Nature and principles have been always the same. It may surprise many that even the Laws of God did not change from Moses to Jesus; even those given through Moses were the same which Jesus gave us. You may say but brother the Laws given through Moses talks a very different tone and consequence compared to what Jesus spoke.

If you read the Gospels Jesus told us to keep the Commandments which were given through Moses, but we see Jesus was expanding them or at times simplifying them but never changed them or said do not follow them or they were not right. The Bible also tells us Jesus kept all the Commandments given from Moses onwards and was without blemish but yet we see the Jews were always angry with Jesus for breaking the Law.

The Jews thought they were / are keeping the Law but were / are actually keeping traditions (Law of the flesh) and not the Law of the Lord. They never understood the Law of Moses or the scriptures for they were not given the Holy Spirit. It is only after the Congregation received the Holy Spirit did man start to understand scriptures.

The Hebrew word translated as Covenant comes from the root meaning ‘cutting’, one would understand this by the actions of Abraham when a Covenant was made between him and the Lord. The first time, the Lord asked Abraham to get his people circumcised and the second time, as instructed Abraham took the animals asked by the Lord and cut them into two halves right in between. This cutting symbolized the seriousness of a Covenant. A Covenant is more than a legal agreement between two individuals, in fact meant more than life therefore an animal was sacrificed or the foreskin of the reproductive organ of man cut that is before Jesus became our eternal sacrifice.

Covenants were made by the Lord with man through 6 people in the Bible, they were Noah, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, David and lastly through Jesus. Covenants are called new and old for there were changes between them, but one should understand the changes are not a complete change but was an improvement from the earlier one. Each Covenant was made better than the previous one.

Like in today’s message the Lord says it was His Covenant that caused Him not to destroy mankind, for by remembering His Covenant His mercy would save us. The Covenant made through Jesus was a Covenant of grace. There is only one difference between mercy and grace and that is quantity. Grace is nothing but the required mercy to see us pass through. The Covenant of Grace through Jesus Christ allows every being irrespective of how good or bad that person has been, to see them pass through and get qualified to become Sons of God. It is only those who bind themselves into the Covenant of Grace through Jesus Christ receive the promise of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit Who works in us and makes us from children to Sons of God, so that we may become Israel (Princes of God) and inherit the Promised Land which is Heaven.

Let us take refuge in the Covenant for it is the Covenant that saves us from the wrath of God, that means we need to keep our commitment to the Lord more than we value our own lives, for the cutting is across lives.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You knew how weak to the flesh man is and how stiff neck he would be. You made Covenants with man so as to prevent man getting consumed by your wrath. People fear Satan but do not realize that You send your Son to save us from your wrath. It is sin that puts us under your wrath and Satan tries to keep us in sin so that we get consumed and destroyed along with him when Judgment comes. He does not want us to receive all that he lost and the much more You have in plan for us. Help us Lord to be committed to our Covenant of Grace with You through Jesus Christ...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scriptures ]
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