Turn And See

"Moses said, when he saw the burning bush, Let me turn and see this great vision." - Exodus 3:3

Moses saw a bush burning in the wilderness and realized it wasn't getting consumed and decided to investigate this wondrous event. Because of his willingness to see what was taking place, The Lord appeared to him and appointed him the leader of His people. Moses took Israel out of Egypt, brought down the Ten Commandments, taught the Law to the Israelites and led them for over forty years, all because he decided to 'turn and see'.

We have seen many wondrous acts in our lifetime. They may not seem as miraculous as a burning bush, but when we stop and think about them, they are just as marvelous. They all point to a loving God who has a plan for us in this world. If only we take note of the wondrous things in our lives and 'turn and see' what God wants to tell us. God will surely do something great with us in His Kingdom.

How often do you 'turn to see' or 'stop and listen'?

May we keep our spiritual eyes and ears open to see and hear what the Lord wants to tell us.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Lord, there are many a times You are trying to talk to me and tell me of the great mission and plan You have for me. Lord I am sorry I did not 'turn and see' You from my everyday life. I am so lost in the little things of this world that I loose the great things of your Kingdom. Lord, heal my eyes and ears that I may listen to what You want to say to me. I ask this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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