To be Israel - reject Egypt, Sihor and Assyria

Jeremiah 2:18 - And now what hast thou to do in the way of Egypt, to drink the waters of Sihor? or what hast thou to do in the way of Assyria, to drink the waters of the river?

When one reads the Bible there are different levels of understanding one can gain from it. There are also different layers by which you can study it. There is one layer which I love to study and is just fascinating is word study. Getting into the Hebrew (few Aramaic) and Greek words and studying its rich grammatical sense while keeping the background in focus. This requires the following basic books - Authorized Version (KJV - King James Version wherein it is almost a word to word translation of the original text -1769 version), Lexicons both Hebrew & Greek, with concordance (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance - The Red Letter Edition is the one I love), Bible Dictionary (Zondervan's Pictorial Bible Dictionary is the one of the many I use) and Interlinear Bibles (both Hebrew - Old Testament and Greek - New Testament). You can also use electronic or digital Bible software which have a few of these together (i.e. Online Bible). When you start studying the Bible at this level it is like a treasure mine wherein you just start hunting everyday for something new and the Lord does not disappoint, for ultimately it is only when we are led by His Spirit will we find it.

Like I said in my previous mail Jerusalem (in Hebrew means 'teaching of peace') is a name of a place but most important in spirit, it is a process between this world and God's Kingdom - Zion (in Hebrew means 'fortified city'). Similarly Israel in Hebrew means 'God prevails' is a an abbreviated word from 'Isra' which 'prince' and 'El' which refers to God, therefore Israel can be also referred to as 'prince of God'. Jacob was the name referred to for the son of Isaac before he was redeemed and Israel after he was redeemed. To be Israel we need to reject Egypt, Sihor and Assyria. Again the Bible is not really referring to the place or the people of the place but spiritual understanding of these words.

Egypt in Hebrew meaning 'land of the Copts' and Egyptian means 'double straits' is short means double standards. People calling themselves one thing, and are something else inside, living a double standard life. For example the generations of Jacob when they were in Egypt called themselves Israel but lived a life of the gentiles - worshiping the gods of the Egyptians. God delivered them from this double standard of life and bought them to worship Him only.

Sihor in Hebrew means 'dark'. It means rejecting sin and all its forms. It is sin that creates darkness (obstruction of light) in our lives and keeps us away from God.

Assyria in Hebrew means 'step'. This was the last bondage or captivity in the Old Testament from which delivered His people. It means progress and prosperity of this world. This is one thing we should reject, trying to build a name for ourselves. Building monuments or landmarks in our lives by which we will be known forever. All things build on this Earth is prone to destruction. What becomes dangerous is when it becomes an idol for us in our lives. We will land up worshipping ourselves.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Lord, I want to be known as Israel, redeemed by You. Help me Lord and deliver me from Egypt, Sihor and Assyria that I may live by your purpose in my life. You have great plans for me which are perfect for me, let not my thinking and understanding get me to loose them. I ask this in Jesusí Name, Amen.

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