The Favor of God

"God earnestly longs to be gracious to you...to have mercy on you and show you His loving-kindness"
(Isaiah 30:18)

God longs to pour out His favor upon you. He wants to remove your burdens so you can enjoy life. He wants you to be free and living each day full of peace. He wants to assist you and give you special advantages every single day. Isaiah 30:18 talks about God's grace, mercy, and loving-kindness - which are all part of His favor! When you receive that favor by faith, you'll have tremendous advantage! God's favor will cause you to be promoted even though you weren't the most qualified. God's favor will open a door for you that may not open for someone else. God's favor will bring unexpected blessing from unexpected sources. Activate your faith in this area today by declaring God's favor in your life. Thank Him for his mercy and loving-kindness. As you expect His favor, God will do unusual and extraordinary things in your life and you'll live the life of victory that God has in store for you!

A Prayer for Today
Prayer For Today: Father, thank you for your favor on my life today. Thank you for guiding me and reminding me of your presence in everything I do. Give me strength and peace today so that I can live in your victory today. In Jesus' Name. Amen....Have a Jesus Filled Day! God Bless!

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