He is Family and will not forsake us

Mark 14:50 - And they all forsook him, and fled

Every prophecy about Jesus was fulfilled accurately, leaving those of His second coming which are yet to fulfil.

We know more about what happened during the crucifixion from the Old Testament than from the New Testament because the blood was applied on the outer side of the door post not for man to see but God to see. The sacrifice of Jesus Christ is not written in detail in the New Testament because God does not desire common man to know how much the Son suffered. God required man (those who come to Him - in the start) to only know that the eternal sacrifice was performed and now the angry of God that stood between God and man was torn (the veil) and removed, it is written the sacrifice pleased God.

In the times of the former rain (times of mercy) a sacrifice was necessary to please God every time the mercy of God fell on the people, but now that an eternal sacrifice has been made that completely pleased God we have moved to the times of the later rain (times of grace). The Ark which was carried ahead of the people and gave victory was hidden from the congregation by the wrath of God (veil) but now has been revealed to all. Previously only a Levi could carry the Ark but now anyone who is baptised in Jesus Christ, separates from the knowledge and ways of the world and joins to God (since the world hates God) becomes a Levi (which means joined). So now all baptized in Christ can carry the Ark and have victory (symbolizes the Cross - the study of it gives great details of the meaning of the Cross which we need to carry).

Today's scripture says all Jesus' disciples fled. The scripture specifies 'all' not 'all leaving John' or 'all leaving Peter'. Therefore at the crucifix too none of His twelve disciples were there else the prophecy is not fulfilled. The person written as 'one whom He loved' to whom Jesus handed over Mary saying 'Woman, behold thy son' was not John so we need to know who he was.

John was not the only person recorded in the Gospels as one whom Jesus loved. Lazarus, Mary Magdalene, Martha, Martha's sister Mary were among the others whom Jesus loved. John 13:1 states as all that are His in this world are the ones whom He loved. So even we who are His are called as the ones who He loved. The term was a general term used to those in His group and not a specific term for a person.

Some ancient Jewish records from those times state as James (brother of Jesus) was 'the disciple' or 'one whom Jesus loved' who was with the 3 Marys at the crucifixion. But to accept these records we need to have proof from within the scriptures.

James is stated as being the 'brethren' who was with Mary (Matthew 12:46) who out of fear of rumours went to check out on Jesus to see that nothing wrong had happened to Jesus, which caused Jesus to be upset. James the brother of Jesus is recorded in the Gospels as James the less or as the brother of Joses and Juda (Jude). He was not a disciple of Jesus, he like other siblings of Mary did not believe in Jesus as Messiah. He became a disciple later during the crucifixion of Jesus.

At the crucifixion there was a large crowd of rowdy people gathered around, among them were some Jewish official like the high priest, chief priests and Pharisees. At this time there was fear in the people close to Jesus to go there and as usual James was the escort for Mary his mother for he was the eldest after Jesus.

To confirm James was the one stated as the one Jesus loved we need to study about the third Mary who was with Mary His mother and Mary Magdalene.

When I got this message I did not know how to put it but in my study I found the following which give sufficient proof of who this Mary was.

In the other 2 Gospels are records concerning of time before the crucifixion of the 3 women (Matthew 27:54-56, Mark 15:40 - Luke does not record the details of this event). In these 2 Gospels the 2 names of the same person are given. Mark continued using the original name of the person as Salome as being with the 2 Marys even after the crucifixion (Mark 16:1). Her name was Salome and she was the sister of Mary Jesus' mother who in the Gospel of John is recorded as Mary the wife of Cleophas. At first like all others I thought they were different people but in spirit I could feel the Lord telling me to confirm this (that is why I took time to send this message).

The name Cleophas is the same as the name Cleopas but due manuscript translations mistake the h got added. It was common name like Simon, James, John or Judas. Like the other names the person of this name got nicknamed or referred to along with the name of the place of origin or their father's name. Mary's brother-in-laws real name was Cleopas but was called Zebedee. She was the aunt of Jesus like Elizabeth was. That is the reason she had freedom to ask of Jesus to give her sons important positions in His Kingdom. It was not just because she was just his aunt but Jesus loved her also very much and nicknamed her Mary His mother's name because He loved her like His mother. This was because she left the company of her husband and followed Jesus most of the time.

Jesus also had the same motherly relationship with Mary Magdalene (she was a woman who lived a sinful life in her younger days). It is out of motherly love that Jesus which with them that he called his aunt Salome and Mary of Magdalene (her original name is not written although some claim her to the woman in Lu 7:36-50). Please note 'Mary' the name was not a nice name for it meant 'rebellious one'. Jesus was not referring them to as being rebellious but loved and respected them like He did to His mother.

When Jesus said 'Woman, behold thy son' to Mary His mother, He was remind her that she had a son who would look after her. James then took her to his house (he must have been married and was staying separately). The Greek word used for 'behold' comes from the word 'care' and Jesus was telling James to care for his mother Mary and Mary to care for her son.

Why the Lord wanted us to know that the 3 Marys and James being the ones who were at the crucifix?

In today's message the Lord is telling us when trouble confronts Him, His disciples ran away deserting Him but the only ones who stood by Him were His family. A family relationship is most strong it does not fear danger.

The Lord is telling us He has called us His brethren and gave us to call His Father our Father and because of this the Lord will never desert us. Even when the whole world comes against us He will stand with us and support us. He will never forsake us.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Father God, You gave us the right to be called your sons through the sacrifice of your Son Jesus Christ and by the working of your Spirit. Lord, we know You will always be with us and will never forsake us. But in the time of trouble our problems stand before us like Goliath stood before the Israelites. Let us not forget that You are with us and let us be fearless like David for when You are with us who can be against us...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scriptures ]
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(in the spelling of this word _h_ is inserted by mistake from Latin MSS.), rather Cleopas, which is the Greek form of the word, while Clopas is the Aramaic form.

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Matthew 13:55 - Is not this the carpenter's son? is not his mother called Mary? and his brethren, James, and Joses, and Simon, and Judas?

Matthew 12:50 - For whosoever shall do the will of my Father which is in heaven, the same is my brother, and sister, and mother

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