Looking in the Eyes

John 13:34 "A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another, as I have loved you, that ye also love one another."

Loving one another as Christ loved us takes a lot of imagination.

I'll tell you the truth, though, most times it is very hard to stay angry with a person long, if I look at there is just something about a human face which evokes pity. It is hard to explain why but I will try.

Jesus said, "In this life there will be tribulation. "Everyone has suffered loss, rejection, disappointment, defeat, and grief. There are no adults without emotional baggage. And the ones who have lost the least are not to be envied because they have not really lived, and have less reason to thank the Lord than those of us who have many times counted it all joy when we fall into diverse temptations.

Can you see heartbreak and sorrow when you look at a person? It may not be in the lines of his face, or in the sagging of his shoulders, but it is there behind his eyes. Just imagine the person you are looking at in the throes of agony. Could you hate him? No! You would have to pity him no matter what.

How many faces conceal a soul tortured by something or other, be it physical or emotional abuse, shameful secrets burning hotly within, or hidden concerns about an illness. Everyone is in need of understanding and concern. And if they think they are not that too is cause for concern. I believe Jesus must have had something like this in mind when He taught us to love our enemies. To have empathy is the thing. What a tremendous form of love!

I am sure one of the reasons people are so cruel to one another in is because they can not look into each other's eyes.

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