Come out of the Strange Woman

Proverbs 2:20 - That thou mayest walk in the way of good, and keep the paths of the righteous.

This is the first time since 5 years of my sending these daily devotions that I am writing part 2 of a message.It has been only twice that I have received the same message (scripture) consecutively the very next day thus we need to take this message more seriously for the Lord wants us to understand it truly.

I know yesterday's message was long but actually it was longer and I had removed some part of it at the last minute for I felt it would choke those who are not used to any solid food. Even the solid food included in the message was just small granules of solid food put with lots of milk and was not plain solid food.

There were some worshippers of 'Mother Mary' who read the message and still felt I was writing against the mother of Jesus. They could not clearly see that their 'Mother Mary' is not the mother of Jesus but someone else identified as the mother of Jesus.

This 'Mother Mary' is a very complex being for there are 4 parts to her:-
1) A fictitious Mary created by the Catholic Church just to cover up the blunders made by them, and to continue the false beliefs they practice.
2) An evil spirit which has been appearing as 'Mother Mary'.
3) The real character of Mary has been hyped from the weak, simple, normal, God fearing person to an extraordinary supernatural person. (The fourth part I will leave out for it is hard food and concern how Satan is using this character)

1) The Mary of the Catholic Church is different from Mary (mother of Jesus) in the Bible. If we read the genealogy of Mary given in Luke we read her father's name as Heli. The fact this is the genealogy is of Mary and Matthew the genealogy of Joseph is confirmed by many early Church fathers like Ignatius (AD110) who was a close disciple of the Apostle John. Now the Mary of the Catholic Church has parents named Anne and Joachim. Some people tried to relate Heli to Joachim, but that can be easily refuted for the name Joachim or Joiakim or Jokim does appear in the Bible and does not mean Heli in Greek. The former means "Jehovah raises up" and the later means "ascending" which comes from the Hebrew root word "ascension" which is to do with inheritance.

According to the Catholic Church this Mary is shown to be a perpetual virgin even after she gave birth to Jesus. Matthew 1:25 clearly says 'Joseph knew her not till she gave birth to Jesus'. So the birth of Jesus was a virgin birth according to the promise, but after that Mary did have relationship with Joseph and bore about 8 children (according to Jewish Talmud), James (the little not the Apostle James), Jude and Joses being among them. If she did not have relation then they would have been husband and wife, and if they did not have children of their marriage then they would be considered cursed of God.

Mary is also made to be Immaculate which means born without sin. Their contention was if Jesus was without sin, how He could be born of a woman who was with sin. Firstly they do not know the fact that the sin nature is transferred from Adam to children (Genesis 5:2) and not Eve to children. Even the sins and curses are passed from father to children (Exodus 34:7) and of the mother are passed through the father to children because when they get married the couple become one. Marriage is a spiritual relationship sealed with a physical union. Sins and curses are spiritual things not diseases of the flesh. Also if Mary was without sin then her mother, grandmother and her grandmother's mother, so on till Eve would need to be without sin; which we know as bible says Eve sinned. People should know our calling each other brother and sister (even though not born of the same mother) causes the blessing and protection on one's life to be extended to the other.

2) The Bible uses the term visions or dreams through which the Lord communicated to people. There were few to whom the Lord or the Angels of the Lord appeared in natural forms like fire, light or man. But in the case of this character the term 'apparitions' is used. The word means 'a supernatural appearance of a person or thing, especially a ghost; a spectre or phantom'.

If one says it is a living person then why is this word not used by this church for Jesus whom the Bible says has resurrected and is alive?

If one says it is a (holy/good) spirit being, then were the Angels of the Lord or the Lord Himself unholy that the word was never used with them.

The word itself declares this to be an evil spirit appearing in magnificent ways to deceive people.

3) I never wanted to do this part for this may seem as a character assassination of the Mary of the Bible whom I respect. But the truth needs to be told so that the Lord alone is glorified and all mankind is exposed as being unworthy before Him.

If we look at Mary the first thing people talk of is her faith. She is shown to have the greatest faith but the truth is far from it. If we look at the scriptures where the Angel Gabriel meets Mary it clearly shows Mary doubted the Angel and the Angel need to clear this doubt by testifying that her cousin Elisabeth who was aged and without child since years was carrying. It was this fact that made Mary to have faith and believe Gabriel and very next scripture in Luke says she went to meet her cousin. If it was not for Elisabeth conceiving Mary would not have believed.

Of late I was surprised when I found from scriptures that Mary did not really know who Jesus was right until His resurrection. If one studies the Bible there were 2 saviours promised to Israel one Messias and the other Messiah; one who was of the type of Moses (greater than Moses), who was of religious / spiritual background, who would free Israel from their sinful way of life. The other was of the type of David (greater than David) who was supposed to be free Israel from its bondages. Mary knew Jesus as the former and so also did Elizabeth. Both did not have a clue of Jesus being both promises together (the word 'lord' used by Elizabeth in 'mother of my lord' means 'decider' pertaining to saviour of the soul and not Theo or God). They both also did not know Jesus was Yahweh God the Son come as man. The concept Son of God is not clearly understood by Christians and people confuse it with God the Son. The Angels are also called Sons of God and Bible says Jesus came to give us power to become Sons of God, so also Paul states those who are led by the Holy Spirit become Sons of God. People use a capital S and small s but do not realize they are the same. Mary knew Jesus as Son of God according to the Jewish understanding, which was even more diluted or confused than what we understand.

If we look at scriptures Mary was the first person Jesus rebuke (Luke 2:48-49) and that was not the only time, she was also rebuked 2 other times. Once at the wedding of Canna when she asks Jesus to turn water into wine (John 2:3-4) and the other time when she comes running along with her other son to check on Jesus when there were rumours that He was with an unclean spirit (Mark 3:28-35).

Jesus loved Mary the Magdalene as well as His mother's sister Salome as much He loved his mother therefore called them also by the name Mary. They were like 3 mothers to Him and that love could be seen throughout scriptures.

Mary called herself blessed and not holy. Blessed does not mean holy. Blessed means one who has the promises of God in their life. Mary only stated she was the privileged woman who received the promise of the virgin birth and all generations will know her by that.

The Mary in the Bible was a simple God fearing Jewish girl who developed into a spiritual strong woman along with the other disciples of Jesus. She was as weak and venerable as the others. She had no spiritual calling in her life and therefore was lesser than the Men and Women of God who had a calling in their life. She believed in Jesus and was devoted to Him till her death and she too went to sleep like all of Believers will do and would one day rise up along with us to be judged before the Son of Man Jesus when He comes again. She would not have any privilege card or side gate to go to Heaven. The best thing of all she will no longer be she, if she goes to Heaven but like all of us will be a spirit being like the Angels in Heaven who are called Sons of God so she too may one day be a Son of God.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, Satan twists and turns the truth to deceive man who is ignorant of the Truth or weak in the flesh. Lord, open the minds of your people to the Truth and also give them the courage to walk in the Truth. Like not the fear of man hold them back...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scriptures ]
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