Thank You Isn't Enough

Heavenly Father saying Thank You isn't enough for me, I want You to know what Your loving kindness means internally.

I want You to feel the vast appreciation I feel, I want You to know the depth of my gratitude and that it is real.

I want You to know that I know how very much You care, that no matter what I'm going through I feel You there.

I want You to know what it feels like at last, to not feel the pain and loneliness I knew in the past.

I want You to know the joy it puts in my heart, knowing You listen to me and have from the very start.

I want You to know the length to which I would go, to prove I appreciate how You've helped me to grow.

I want to reveal the depth and breadth of my love; I want to stand fast when push comes to shove.

I want to succeed in all that You give me to do, I want to bring others to the realization You love them too.

Father I don't want to waste a minute no not a second of my life, I want to relieve others of their fears and strife.

Father I want to want all that You intend to be, and I want to help others Your precious love to see.

I want to succeed at all You would have me to do, Father I want my every thought deed and action to be pleasing to You.

I know You have no need of me or my capabilities, but I surrender to You daily asking use me please!

Use me in some way no matter how simple or tough, because for all You've done just saying Thank You isn't enough!

I am sure one of the reasons people are so cruel to one another in is because they can not look into each other's eyes.

The Word of God was given free to us, therefore we should also share it freely with others.
(All rights are with God)