Born not by Accident, but with a Purpose

Colossians 1:16 - all things have been created through him and for him ...

Unless you know the purpose of your living you will never enjoy life nor be able to live it to it's full. God did not make this creation just to exist by its self and get destroyed. We are not made by God to eat, drink, struggle, enjoy, multiple and go back to the dust. God did not make Satan just so that he can torment you and destroy you. God is not having fun watching all this happen, it does pain Him and that pain He showed by the sacrifice of His only beloved Son. You may question that if God had not made Satan then all this would not have happened in the first place. In the Old Testament the Lord bought the Israelites from a far of land and led them after promising them, to a land which belonged to the gentiles. A land that was very rich and blessed. When God gave the land to the gentiles God surely knew they were not worthy of them, He could have directly put Israel into that land.

God did all this because God wanted a strong Israel, an Israel that gives glory to His Name. God is letting us pass through this life to build us and made us worthy to receive the great and wonderful things which were once given to the fallen Angels in ancient times and who are not worthy to have it. God does not want us to be like them, therefore is building us and making us strong in Him. When the work is finished in us we will be part of His only Son, therefore God created this creation through Him and for Him.

We are born not by accident but with a purpose and that purpose is; to enjoy a great, beautiful, blessed, eternal life in His Son.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God we rejoice that You created us all, and rejoice in receiving the great things set ahead for us in your beloved Son. We take joy at the thought of being on the finishing of a becoming new creation in Him. Amen.

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