Do not stand at crossroads and destroy people's lives

Obadiah 1: 14 - And stand thou not in the crossway, to cut off those of his that escape; and deliver not up those of his that remain in the day of distress.

Today morning before I sat to write the message I and my wife were discussing about a sister who was standing at a crossroad and today the Lord gave us this message.

I and my wife were discussing about this sister who has good relation with a Muslim evangelist (apostolic). This sister was talking to us yesterday about proving the Quran wrong to the Muslims by quoting their scriptures therefore to read all their books. My wife also was discussing with me how can one expect to know if we are right unless go truly understand the matter in depth and to what level can one know all things. How many books of different religions can we study to know we are right? This is the very trick which Satan uses in theology schools especially in Catholic seminaries and has caused many to fall or become shaky structures.

Today's message tells us not to be people standing at crossroads, people with doubts in our minds. We may be believing in the Truth but because of our doubts we may cause others who are trying to be saved from giving up and thus may land up being the cause of their spiritual deaths.

I may not be an authority on Islam nor have read all their religious books. But that does not mean I cannot be sure of Islam being false religion by knowing its basic principles and understanding.

Let me take it the other way. I am a Christian and even teach the Bible but I know that I am not the authority on the Bible, what I know is only a small part of what the Bible holds. It is funny when I tell people this (especially my daughter who really laughs when I tell her this), the more I study of the Kingdom of God the more I know of how little I know. When I started studying the Bible I did not know each and every word of it, its grammar, its symbolization and its position in the text etc. would hold volumes of information even records of historic events which had not happened when it was written and many are yet to happen. In my wildest dreams I never thought I would need to study things like physics, particles physics, biology, astronomy, history, geography, archaeology, gemmology, zoology etc. just to understand scriptures better.

We know that we do not know everything of the Bible yet we are sure about our salvation and that is because we have our foundation principles clear and the persons on whom our faith stands. We know that the main characters of the Word on whom all scriptures are built on, which are Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit, have proved Themselves in scriptures and also in real life. It is then just a matter of time we will get more and more confirmation and clarity of our belief being right.

When we come to other religions like Islam and its character Mohammed we find he in his own words says that he has been a failure and that Jesus Christ is the only one who has been successful. Then why in the world do I become a fool to follow a failure when I have a choice to follow a successful person.

The same is with other religions, we see each and every one of their foundational characters are either mythological characters (which means there is no historic proof they existed and that they are just fictitious characters in stories or fairy-tales), or have been failures themselves.

When I know that a person is a liar and cheat then it is a waste of time for me to search for some truth been spoke from all their lies. First we should be clear about that person as being true or a cheat, if cheat then it is not necessary for us to dig deeper.

About learning in depth of a religion and being able to answer people from that religion, the Lord knows how to do that therefore brought out people from within them for that task. We see Paul was very successful with the Romans because he was half roman. I was bought out from the Catholic Church not by any man but by the Lord Himself therefore can stand before any Catholic and prove they are not Christians.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, there are times even though we believe in You, yet by our friable thoughts we show our confusion to others and become the cause for them giving up their faith and going to vanity. Lord, we pray You get us rooted in the Truth even if we have small roots keep them strong. We know Lord You alone are God all others are of Satan. Let us not be standing at crossroads and be cause for the fall of others but dwell always in your fortified city...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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