14 Things that hinder our Prayer

1. Prayerlessness, when you simply don't pray
2. Lack of boldness, we need to pray boldly and without fear and not just prayers, God just give me enough or prayers where you think God can do anything for you
3. Sin, sin that we are aware of and refuse to deal with can hinder our prayers
4. Praying outside of God's will, pray the Word instead
5. Praying with the wrong motives, God looks to our hearts and when He see an impure motive He cannot answer prayer
6. Doubt and unbelief, keeping our eyes off everything that would distract us or steal our faith from what God says is the antidote to doubt and unbelief
7. Worry, when we pray and then worry we are not exercising trust in God. We are not fully releasing our burdens to him, we are taking them back
8. Lack of gratitude, the reason people grumble and complain is not that they don't have what they want, they have a character problem; lack of gratitude causes people to never be satisfied
9. Negative confession, we can render our prayers ineffective with negative confessions; when we pray then confess, that God will not hear our prayer
10. Failure to focus, prayers are hindered when we do not stay focused when we pray
11. Not caring for people in need (not praying for others), prayer belongs to the compassionate man; if we want our prayers to be answered we need to be kind and compassionate to the needy
12. Rebellion, being rebellious toward authority (set by God- then set by man) and to God's Word will keep our prayers from being answered
13. Un-forgiveness, probably the number one answer why prayers are not answered
14. Pride, we feel self-sufficient, thinking we are better than others

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