Seed which is sown in good soil

Mark 4:20 - And these are they which are sown on good ground; such as hear the word, and receive it, and bring forth fruit, some thirtyfold, some sixty, and some an hundred.

When we receive a Word and we abide by that Word, we are blessed multifold by the Lord. Blessings need not be material; they can be also spiritual. Like for me, my greatest riches is knowing more and more of God and coming closer to Him.

I would like to share something that happened just lately.

Just 2 days back when I came to know about the nonsense behind the so called Valentine's Day which I shared with you (Feb 15 - The old in a new package), I made up my mind not to take anything religious or man made for granted without scrutinizing it with the Word.

The same day the Lord revealed to me another event which came a few days later, which I used to follow every year without much understanding. The event looked very good, and seemed to build one's faith in the Lord but when I scrutinized it with the Word I realized I was rejecting the covenant of Jesus Christ and was professing that I was still under the curse of Adam by being a part of that event. I immediately refuse to take any part, even symbolically. Even though I faced resistance and disappointed a few close ones; yet I stood my ground.

The very next day there was something of the Kingdom of God which I desired to know since a very long time, was revealed to me.

Brothers and sisters in Christ, you have no idea how great this revelation is and how much joy it has bought to me. Since these 2-3 days I am in another thermosphere. The revelation was like a thousand fold reward to me for standing by the Word I had received. This revelation has now given an amazing view and level of understanding of the whole Bible. Even now, with that revelation I am just grasping and grasping the understanding of the Word; right from Genesis to Revelation. I have come to know more of Christ and the Kingdom of God then I ever did before.

If you have received a Word, stand by it. The Word will surely bear fruit in you and the Lord will bless you seven (several) fold.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord we are your Children for You have the seed in us. Your Word lets this seed bear fruit. Multiply in us your fruit so that the soil in us becomes more and more rich and thus bring us to receive more. Lord we pray for those who are distracted by this world and the things of this world. We come against the forces acting against your Kingdom and we bind them by the authority we have received in Jesus Christ.

Let your people be like rich soil having a great harvest...

We make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

The Word of God was given free to us, therefore we should also share it freely with others.
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