A New World

When Jesus Christ is your Savior and God is your Father, when the Holy Spirit is within you and the Word of God is teaching you, all of creation takes on new beauty and new blessing. The sky is a deeper blue, and the earth is a richer green. You don't see just creation; you see the Creator. And you don't simply see a Creator; you see the Heavenly Father, who cares for you.

"I will sing to the Lord as long as I live; I will sing praise to my God while I have my being. May my meditation be sweet to Him; I will be glad in the Lord" (Psalm 104:33, 34). The psalmist wrote these words after considering all of God's creation. He looked at the waters, the mountains springs and the rushing rivers. He heard the birds singing in the branches. He saw the cattle eating grass. He saw man baking bread and making oil. He watched the sun rise and set. "See all this?" he said. "I'm going to rejoice in this Creator, who is my God."

All creation is travailing in pain because of sin (Rom. 8:22). But our Creator is still in charge, and His creation, in spite of sin, still has great beauty and great wealth. Did you know that God rejoices in His creation? "The glory of the Lord shall endure forever; the Lord shall rejoice in His works" (Psalm 104:31). He rejoices to hear the birds sing. He rejoices to see the rivers flow.

Let's rejoice in His works also. And let's rejoice that God is glorified as we behave like the being He has made us to be 'God's Children'.

[ Reference Scriptures ]

Psalm 104:31-35 [KJV]
31 The glory of the LORD shall endure for ever: the LORD shall rejoice in his works.
32 He looketh on the earth, and it trembleth: he toucheth the hills, and they smoke.
33 I will sing unto the LORD as long as I live: I will sing praise to my God while I have my being.
34 My meditation of him shall be sweet: I will be glad in the LORD.
35 Let the sinners be consumed out of the earth, and let the wicked be no more. Bless thou the LORD, O my soul. Praise ye the LORD

Rom. 8:22 [NIV]
22 We know that the whole creation has been groaning as in the pains of childbirth right up to the present time..

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