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Job 8:8,9 - For enquire, I pray thee, of the former age, and prepare thyself to the search of their fathers: (For we are but of yesterday, and know nothing, because our days upon earth are a shadow:)

Yesterday I heard the teachings of two people and through both the Lord had a message to give and spoke to them both. In the case of the first although the message was from the Lord the teaching was totally off track and contrary to the Bible. While in the case of the second the message was from the Lord and the teaching was perfect inline therefore the sharing hit the bull's eye.

The problem with most preachers is even though they have a relationship with the Lord they do not take their work very seriously, they do not prepare for it by studying it sufficiently and researching it by themselves. I do not know how much time the first preacher spend to prepare for his session but it does not seem to be more than half to one hours' effort. It seems to be limited to the text of the one book he opened. But I and another person did approach the second preacher and did ask him how did he manage to get so much information on his topic and he said to us that he spent 6 hours for study and 4 hours of prayer for his every session which is normally of 1 hour. The second preacher was Dr.Ron Charles and when one talks to him he is just flows with knowledge. He can talk on any matter any given time for hours and hours but yet you see this man takes the pain to sit for 6 hours to study the matter he has to preach on to its very fine detail.

Let me give you an example. Yesterday he was preaching on Acts 28 where Paul was bitten by a snake after being saved from a shipwreck. Dr. Ron gave us the exact month and the year this happen and gave us the name of the storm which caused the shipwreck. This storm happens every 300 to 500 years in the Mediterranean Sea and lasts from many days and is accompanied with unprecedented rains. The last time this storm happened was in 1977 when it lasted for 30days, it killed about 10,000 people and affected about 30 cities. During the time of Paul this storm was for 45days and it rained for about 15days non-stop. Paul had warned the captain of the ship not to take the journey yet he did not abide to this warning. Dr.Ron shared the snake which bit Paul and as to how it looked and what happens to a person after he is bit by it, by this one understands much better the chain of events that followed.

Dr. Ron shared some of the details which many would find it unnecessary like the name of the captain and the names of the other characters involved in this event and some other backgrounds. But when a person hears Dr. Ron the event is pictured before one's eyes like a movie and one will never forget this. My daughter who is just 6years did not understand many things but yet caught the scene and was discussing with me when we were in bed.

The Lord is talking to each one of us, you may not be a preacher or may not be even sharing the Word of God at your House Church or Bible study group, yet the Lord is telling us to research the things we read in the Bible. Everything that is written in the Bible has documented proves in the form of archaeological, or historical, or scientific, or scriptural records. These things may not seem important but by knowing these we will understand the Kingdom of God better for we are studying the shadow to know what the Lord spoke off. The shape of the shadow always gives an idea of the real and it is the Spirit of the Lord who puts flesh (understanding) to the shape.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, we prayer for those who You have set to guide your sheep that they take their work seriously and do it with true love for your Kingdom and its people. Lord, we rebuke the spirit of laziness that hold on to most of us and we speak life, enthusiasm and passion for the Truth...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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