Anonymous Giving

"An anonymous gift will cover anger." Proverbs 9:17

Throughout his life, a father made sure not to live beyond his means. He also instilled this great concept into his children. Even when it came to necessities, the father begged his children not to buy their groceries on credit or borrow money. The father's way of life made a tremendous impression on his children. It is no wonder, then, that his youngest son was utterly shocked when the local grocer asked him to relay the message to his father that his bill was overdue. The son asked himself, "How could it be that my father had an account with the grocer, and how can it be that it was not paid?" He later discovered that the account his father had opened was not for himself but for a needy family in the community. He told the grocer not to charge them for what they bought and he himself would pay the bill every month. This arrangement went on secretly for a long time until the father fell ill and could no longer personally afford to pay the bill.

Seek ways to give part of your money in a discreet manner. This will go a long way to protect you from possible danger.

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