When In Doubt

"I have sinned, for I did not know." Leviticus 22:34

Whenever the Bible tells us a story, it is for practical application into our own lives, and we should take the time to reflect on the story and apply it.

The wicked prophet Balaam set out on a journey to go and curse Godís people. The donkey he was riding stopped in its tracks three times because an angel, unseen by Balaam, was blocking the road. Finally the angel became visible to Balaam and it became obvious that the angel was trying to stop him on his mission. So Balaam cried out that he sinned inadvertently because he didn't know that there was something wrong with his plan at the time. However, if Balaam really didn't know that his mission was wrong, why was it considered a sin?

Balaam should have known. He should have detected from his donkey's unusual behavior, stopping three times for no reason, that God was sending him a message. He was a anointed prophet. We are held accountable for things that we know. Not being sure is not a license to do wrong, especially if we are in guilt. When in doubt of the correctness of our action, we should either ask or perhaps temporarily refrain from doing anything until we find out the correct way to go about it. This is something practical for all of us to learn from Balaam.

[ Prayer for the Day ]

Lord, You are my guide and helper. You guide me when I am going wrong, make me aware. Also give me the courage to say NO and to turn around during those moments. I love You and do not want to loose You. This I pray in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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