Charity, Charity, Charity

1 Corinthians 16:14 - Let all your things be done with charity.

Again today the Lord wants to emphasize to us the importance of operating in love.

Love does not mean just being kind, compassionate, tolerant, patient, helpful, self sacrifice etc... For all these will be a waste if the recipient person is not helped to grow or prosper by it. What we do may not be liked by the person but if it still helps that person to improve, benefit or grow; it is love. Therefore even rebuking, chastising or pulling up someone can also be out of love.

The main focus should on seeing good results in that person.

Pushing against a wall with whatever efforts or sacrifice is not considered love but foolishness even if it impresses others. But even a word of encouragement in the right direction is better than years of pushing against the wall.

Of late I was speaking to a person very active in the Church. Always busy helping and organizing in the Church etc... But when I met him, he looked very frustrated. I asked him with his years of service how many people did he enlighten with the truth, or bring them a step closer to God. He had no answer. If I had asked him how many did he make feel good? He would have had an answer. But making people feel good is short lived, therefore should not be the main focus of our love.

When we see the real fruit of our efforts, there comes a joy in us which strengthens us even further. This helps us grow and increase our love walk.

Today I invite all to spend some time in thought, reviewing ourselves and all that we are doing and asking ourselves; IS THIS LOVE?

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, You are love and your every breathe emits love unto all your children. Your patience, your sacrifice, your rebuke, your chastising everything of You shows love. Lord, help us to use the wisdom You have given us as believers in everything we do, so that we show unto others true love.

This we ask in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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