Moving out of the Island of flesh hurts

Acts 27: 21 - But after long abstinence Paul stood forth in the midst of them, and said, Sirs, ye should have hearkened unto me, and not have loosed from Crete, and to have gained this harm and loss.

Luke was recording the last stages of Paul life when he was taken as a prisoner to Rome. On their journey to Crete they experienced bad weather. This was not something very unusual but the usual southern winds which were strong winds experienced annually during a specific period. These winds were normally for short period so were not feared so much.

When Paul reached Crete he had warned the roman troop that there was great danger ahead not only to the ship but also to their lives. They did not take heed to Paul's warning and thought Paul was talking of the southern winds getting rougher. So they discussed, it being a cold winter and the port at Fair Haven which they were docked at did not favour them staying there, they chose facing the winds rather than facing the cold temperature. To be safe they kept their ship close to the shore and took a path which the wind would not hinder their travel (they were almost against the wind). The port was a short distance from Cape of Malta, only four miles from Fair Haven. But the moment they left the port the wind changed direction and instead of coming from the south the wind came for the north east and they were taken away into deep sea far from the land.

Luke made it a point to note the name of this wind. In some translations it is written as Euraquilo and in some Euroclydon. It was not an ordinary wind; people also call it Gregale which happens regular when low pressure occurs in the Mediterranean Sea. The name Euroquio means North-eastern. A historian gave us a good background of this storm which explained the records of Luke. This storm has happen only a few times in historic records occurring once between 300 to 500 years. Every time it came Euraquilo caused great devastation like a tsunami does. This storm lasts even for a month and during the time of Paul it lasted 15 days. People were aware of this storm thus in the start these people thought it would last for many more days so saved their food and did not eat, but on assurance of Paul they ate and even threw a lot of the grains cargo they were carrying so as to lighten the ship. When they saw land, on trying to go on land they crashed the ship to some rocks and had a shipwreck. In the shipwreck they almost got the prisoners killed since the roman troop did not want any prisoner to escape so were on the verge of killing them, but it was the centurion's soft corner for Paul that got them saved.

In today's scripture the Lord has a very important message for us. The word Crete in Greek means flesh. The Lord is telling us when we make a decision to distance ourselves for your fleshy way of life suddenly the normal problems take an unprecedented turn. They suddenly become unexpected, unthinkable and at times life threatening. That one-in-a-million possibility happens to us and we think we are doomed. But when we have a relationship with the Lord like Paul did and when we hold on to His promises like Paul did, then we will go throw this problem alive. Paul even after being saved from the storm he was bitten by a deadly poisonous snake, so also we too may suddenly find after all is over something unexpected and disastrous hits us. Yet the Lord says He will do something unimaginable and people will see His glory in our lives.

So let us not fear to stop living our fleshly way of life, let us leave the Island of Crete.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You knew it was just impossible for man to overcome the fleshy desires which sin has put into us. It is only the Truth that sets us free for our flesh and that is why You sent your Son to pay a heavy price so as to make available your Spirit of Truth for us. Holy Spirit, it is You Who teaches us all things. It is You Who care for us and mould us into sons of God. Holy Spirit we trust in You and surrender unto you...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scriptures ]
Acts Chapter 27, Chapter 28:1-10

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