Statutes of the Lord

Romans 14:23b - ..for whatsoever is not of faith is sin.

Once there was something that the Lord taught me, which many of the women including members of my family were doing and was against God's Word. When I tried to forcefully get them to stop it, I was told to step back. My daughter who is a child I made her abide by it, but my wife and mother, I did not force them. It was not a commandment but a statute. The difference between the two; commandment is a must, any thing other that that is unlawful, but a statute is an instruction which is given to help better. Breaking a statute or not keeping it is not unlawful but deteriorates the situation. Statutes should be kept not in word but in principle. Like the traditions suggested in the Word of God, without understanding their purpose and doing them fails the purpose. For example we wish people in the morning with a 'good morning', the purpose behind this greeting is to be kind to others and to bring joy unto others. It is supposed to be said with a smile, but if I wish 'good morning' in anger then it is better not to wish, for the purpose of it is not only defeated but the opposite is done and deteriorates matters further.

Whatever we do other than those 'must' commanded by the Lord should be understood. If we fail to fulfill the purpose and still do it, it actually takes the opposite and serious dimension and becomes a sin. So the things suggested in the Bible should be done either with understanding or believing in the goodness of God's Word - that is having faith.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Father God, by your Spirit enlighten me and bring understanding to my ways. So that I may correct it and bring it inline to your ways. I make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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