Out of this world offer: Pamper thyself and get paid

Psalms 37:5 - Delight (pamper) thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Have you not fantasized sometime in your life that you get to go to a great mall and are given an opportunity to pick up anything and as much as you want all for free!

This offer has always been there for us and yet we have not known that. Not only that fantasy is true, it is also states you will get paid for doing it. Yes this is the offer in the Kingdom of Heaven Mall - the greatest mall in the world.

The Lord tells us in today's Word, if we take of the wonderful things of the Kingdom of Heaven and as much as we can carry along with the Helper we have been given (Who is not limited in anyway). Not only all that we carry is ours, we also get paid for doing it. That payment comes to us in the form of a blank cheque which gives us the desires of our heart!

Now tell me who can give us such an offer? No man in the world can, only our God has done this.

So as you charge at those fantastic discount sales, I want you to charge for this out of the world offer and gather all that you can of the Heavenly Kingdom and also get paid for doing it.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, You are God and You are GREAT. You bless us with all that we need and all that we desire. Lord, help us realize how rich we are. You call us prince and we thin of our selves as poor people. Lord open our eyes to the treasure You have blessed us with in Jesus Christ.


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