Our Spiritual State

Daniel 1:2 - And the Lord gave Jehoiakim king of Judah into his hand, with part of the vessels of the house of God: which he carried into the land of Shinar to the house of his god; and he brought the vessels into the treasure house of his god.

Last night I was given a vision connected to today's message, in which the Lord showed me how He sees the state of His Church.

In the vision I saw sick people out on the road, some sitting and some sleeping. First when I saw them I thought a hospital had some problem and had removed their patients on to the road. But later as I kept moving ahead I saw more and more of them all on the road. They were with bandages and most of them had wounds wide open which were getting infected. All along the way I did not see any nurse or any doctor attending to them.

The worst sight for me was when I saw between these people small infants some just born also having wounds all over them and they too were lying in middle of the road. Some had cushions kept around them to warn off the cars that are passing on the road. It did not take much to realize that these people could be easily crushed under any of the passing vehicles; it was just God's grace that they were alive.

You may think I am giving an over dramatized picture to you. If I really put the details I may not be able to send this post to all the people who receive it.

We really do not have an idea of how God sees things. Let me give you another incident which happened a few days back, where the Lord warned me about an event that was about to happen and what I should do. This event did happen immediately after I got up and having pre-empt known it I confidently breezed though it without any slight worry. But what amazed me was the person who was involved in the event, how the Lord saw that person. That person daily went to church and is a very religious person who says her prayers daily without fail. This person for the world seems like a godly person but the Lord showed as someone whom He does not know, or has any relationship with. He showed the spiritual health of that person as having rash all over the skin, some deep wounds and eyes infected and bulging out.

Like we look in the mirror and see our body, if we could look at our spirit most of us may not be able to sustain ourselves.

In today's message when the people sinned against the Lord, the Lord had delivered the people to Babylon. Along with the people even the vessels were taken away by the Babylonians.

In the early years when the Church went away from the Word of God and into traditions of man, this Church too was given by the Lord into confusion. Along with the Church even the workers of the Church were also taken over by confusion. It has been many, many years and many think they are doing the right things but the Lord's heart cries when He sees the spiritual state of His people.

People proudly calling themselves Christians but on another hand are made to do demon worship by their leaders. The people are so spiritually blind that they do not see what they are doing. The people are spiritually hurt and having serious problems and there is none among us who can attend to them.

Some days back at our group discussion someone told us Paul a lone man whose ministry was hardly for 40years and he managed to plant more than a thousand Churches that too across continents even at a time when transport and communication was unspeakably bad.

Today we have means by which a person can fly across the globe in less than a day. It takes just milliseconds for a person to talk to another person in another continent we can print thousands of books very quickly, we do not need to hand write them or use manual blocks to print them, yet we see a pathetic state at which the Church is growing.

What all of us have achieved through these two thousand years, Paul could have done it in a few hundred years that too alone, had he lived.

I do not have words to say to ourselves and yet we proudly call ourselves Christians and do not feel guilty when we come before our God not one among us can lift our heads before Him.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, we cannot do nothing other than cry and weep in shame when we look at what we have achieved even though your grace was abundant on us. You gave us all things and your Hand protects us but we fear man more than You. We are more afraid to die this physical death but do not fear the real terrible spiritual dead which awaits us if we fail. Lord, forgive us and fill us with your Spirit that we may have the boldness to proclaim your Message of Life - our Lord Jesus Christ unto the whole world. Implant in us courage that we do not fear persecution and hide in caves, which should be happening to our spiritual enemies. Open our spiritual eyes that we may see ourselves and receive your healing...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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