The Lord is mindful of us, He will bless us

Psalms 115:12-14 - The LORD hath been mindful of us: he will bless us; he will bless the house of Israel; he will bless the house of Aaron. He will bless them that fear the LORD, both small and great. The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children. Ye are blessed of the LORD which made heaven and earth.

This message is kind of a summary of the past messages. The Lord is trying to say to us, He does remember us His people (Israel) and He will bless us, specially if we carry His light (Aaron means 'light bringer' message dated 22-02-09 and 24-02-09) unto the world. He will bless them that fear (message dated 21-02-09 and 20-02-09) Him. Whatever may be our condition we will be blessed, because we did not earn his approval but his love approved us (message dated 23-02-09 and 16-02-09). He will take us and our children to new pastures and bless us in all areas of our lives. He alone is God and nothing is impossible for Him (message dated 15-02-09), for He has made both the Spiritual world and the physical world and everything abides by Him.

So let us believe in this Word of the Lord even if our mind and all our senses say it is impossible (message dated 26-02-09) and let us keep ourselves on the path to receive our blessing (message dated 19-02-09).

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, You so love us that again and again You speak to us and tell us to believe in You and receive. Lord God, in this situation it is very difficult to have faith. But Lord, I will keep telling myself and reminding myself all the great things You have done for me and for the people around me. I will surely walk in your ways and receive my blessings. I make this prayer in faith. Amen.

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