Come out of Egypt; listen to Him

Jeremiah 23:7 - Therefore, behold, the days come, saith the LORD, that they shall no more say, The LORD liveth, which brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt;

Since a few days, I know the tone of my messages have changed. I never intended, nor desired to be harsh or hard in my messages on SavedByFaith.

I have two options one is to continue giving nice and soothing words which will increase the number of subscriber and keep them reading. But this I know this will not change anyone from inside, though it may make them feel good and keep them occupied.

The other option was to give the Word as the Lord desires, so that the written Word becomes a spoken Word and comes alive in the hearts of people. And when this Word comes alive, it surely does its work and never fails.

Ever since I opted for the second option I did lose a few members who could not face the Truth. I do pray for them and also ask each and every one of you to also pray for them. Even if there are few true Christians the world will surely stand and take notice of God.

Of late the Lord has been connecting me to people in Mumbai and around India who are passionate of Christ. You can experience Christ in them as they live for Christ.

When Jesus came as man, He manifested the Word in the flesh and after His death and Resurrection that Word has now become a living Spirit (Light) and dwells in all those who accept His sacrifice. The Spirit of Truth - the author of the Word is now in us and it is He, on whom if we depend, will bring us out of the double life (calling ourselves Christians but not living as one), which the evil one has put us into by making the children of God lose the Truth via sin and deceit.

We, who are been made righteous (under process) by the Lord; let us listen to Him, Who dwells in us as He speaks to us.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord God, You dwell in the hearts of your creation - your people. Your glory is manifested as the Living Word works in us and through us. Lord, fill us with your glory so that we are overwhelmed by You and may glorify You in us and in this world which does not know You...

We make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

I like to share with you a testimony which I received a few days back of a couple from Mumbai, who are close to me and who went to the interiors of Maharastra (India) for the first time (in fact it is their first trip independently going out of Mumbai to witness Christ).

From the desk of Bro. Manish and Sister Roslian

All - This is to THANK all of you for your prayers and to brief you about the happenings in Jalna & Aurangabad.

1. We travelled by a rickshaw from Aurangabad to Jalna (50 Kms)
As we shared about Jesus the rickshaw driver accepted Christ because he fell in love with Jesus, and came to church on Sunday and testified.
He also mentioned that there was a huge increase in his earnings in the last 2 days since he got to know Christ.

2. In one of the Hindu house we were called to share the Good news of Jesus Christ.
As Roslain was teaching on Matthew 13 (Parable of the Sower) the lady of that house (mother of 3 kids) fell flat on the ground and began to slither like a snake. (Roslain told me that she was explaining to this lady how a harden heart is like a stone and in between stones scorpions and snake dwell)
Before we laid our hand on her head she began to scream that she was seeing darkness and was being dragged into it. In moments she was quiet and felt lifeless.
When the teaching was over, she got up and seemed normal.
Later that evening she & her eldest son came to church and testified that she had been suffering from convulsions for 20 years and had been set free that day.

3. We were invited by a pastor to his house for lunch. His wife mentioned that they did not get any water in their house for 12 days, as a result she had to fetch water from a few blocks away.
Rosalin laid her hand on the tap and rebuked the devourer.
The very next day they had so much water that they filled their tank till it overflowed, filled all utensils at home and then called their neighbors to fill water from their house. (II Kings 4:5-6)

4. One evening at church there was a poor lady who had been having high fever / body-ache for 7 days but was not able to go to the doctor due to her financially condition.
God healed her completely during worship.

5. When the above lady received her healing she begged that we go to her house as her husband was unwell. Apparently the doctor had told him that he has TB and due to which he had been bed-ridden for 3 months and unable to stand or lift his legs.
We just explained to him John 10:10 - Hearing this he began to lift his feet....and today we got a call that he got up and is moving around the house.

The only reason for sharing this with all of you is to tell you - that there are MANY MANY people in need and each and every one of us can be a blessing no matter where we are.

Bro. Manish

(Bro. Manish was born in a hindu family and accepted Christ after he met Roslian and saw Christ in her)

The Word of God was given free to us, therefore we should also share it freely with others.
(All rights are with God)