Do not put two coats

Mark 6:9 - But be shod with sandals; and not put on two coats.

When Jesus sent the twelve out on field training He sent them out with instructions and one of these instructions was to wear sandals but not to put on 2 coats. This instruction has more than what meets the eye.

From Genesis to Revelation we find people doing certain actions before the Lord like bowing, lifting hands up or removing their sandals in the presence of God.

We picture them like removing their sandals while entering a hall or an interior place. In India this is considered a mark of respect to remove ones foot wear when entering a place of high importance like a place of worship or even houses or meeting rooms. It is not only for cleanliness / hygiene reasons but also a mark of respect. In the Bible we need to realize most of the times these were outside in valleys, on hills, on rocky terrains, in desert areas, etc. even in such areas why would they remove sandals if it was just for cleanliness reasons?

The Israelites had to wash their hands and feet before entering the Tabernacle and the consequence of disobedience was greater than murdering another person. Any person not doing so would be put to death! Like the Sabbath this Law was also feared very much by the Jews therefore they made it a very important custom and had elaborate rituals for washing of hands and feet and used expensive vessels to do these customs.

People think Jesus' washing of the feet of His disciples was a sign of service, they are mistaken. In one line I can put it - as disciples of Jesus having authority I can wash the feet of my brethren but he or she needs to wash his or her hands himself or herself, that I nor anyone, even Jesus cannot.

Understand these washing of hands and feet are symbolic they represent forgiveness for one's doings and for things one unknowingly done wrong in one's walk of life. We as disciples of Jesus (those mature in Spirit) have been given authority to forgive the sins of our brethren which he or she had done unknowingly. Jesus did this while giving them the Gilt Sacrifice (where He offered the unleavened bread as His body).

Before the Lord we cannot hide anything therefore we remove our shoes or footwear symbolically coming before the Lord as we are (today we do it in spirit and not needed to do it physically). Today's message Jesus instructed His disciple not to bare everything about their lives when they went out to minister to people. We may have been greatest criminals or maybe struggling in an area in our lives, these things we should not disclose to the masses or general people. We can confine these things to another brethren in discreet for spiritual help like guidance and prayer. Before the people we speak about the Lord and give glory only to the Lord and keep our personal problems discreet.

Jesus also instructed them not to wear 2 coats. Note He specifically said not to 'wear' 2 coats. This is something most Preachers do. They live 2 lives one on stage and another in their family or in private. They talk of overcoming the world on the stage and in private live a life totally worldly.

The Lord is telling us if we want to have testimonies like the twelve did while working for the Lord we need to do these instructions in our ministering lives.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are a Holy God and no one can come before You with sin and still live, that is why You have instructed us to wash our doings of our hands and things we have done unknowingly in our lives so that we live before You. Lord You have made available the Blood / Righteousness of Jesus Christ as a sacrifice to wash all our sins before we come fore You after Judgment Day. Also Lord You are God who was, is and will be, a God that does not change, therefore also desire us to be like You of one nature. Lord, help us and all the workers in your vineyard to abide by these instructions so that they can give testimony of your glory...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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