Sacrifice of Jesus not an after-thought

They did what your power and will had decided beforehand should happen. -- Acts 4:28

The cross of Golgotha, the sacrifice of Jesus for our sin, was no after-thought, mistake, or revised formula. Jesus came as God's anointed, His holy Messiah, His sacrificial Lamb to die for the sins of the people and bring life and spiritual immortality to us. Those who were evil and conspired to kill him to keep their place and their position were doing only what God knew they would do; he just ransomed what was intended for evil by a few and made it the source of salvation for all. Similarly when God made us He already knew what a sinner we would be, yet He loves us and by His mercy He calls us back to Him via His sacrificial Lamb - Jesus Christ. Come back to Him.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Almighty God and loving Father, thank You for your awesome sacrifice that fulfills your demand for justice and allows You to dispense your rich mercy and grace. Thank You Jesus, in whose name I pray, for your loving sacrifice, your holy example, and your promise to return for me. Amen.

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