Respect your Elders

Dishonour not a man in his old age: for even some of us wax old. - Sirach 8:6 [ KJV Apocrypha]

This is the second time in about 15 days I have been told to write on the same matter. Our attitude towards our elders is very disturbing to the Lord and we need to get this corrected ASAP. I do not know who among you the Lord wants to talk to, but if it is you? I would plead you to start doing corrections from today.

Even in the old Church when King David set the Church according to the Word that was given to him by his seers (1 Chronicles 23 - 27), he had appointed elders below the Priest and princes, who were responsible for their congregation and they were respectfully called 'fathers'. This name 'father' for an elder started here, and if you study how David set the whole Church order, it was perfect according to the Word he received of the structure in the Kingdom of God (Heavens).

You may be having elders (maybe your own blood relations, or in your Church, or neighborhood) and they need to be respected. They were born before you and that order has been set by God, so disrespecting them would mean rebelling against God's decision. They may not be right in what they say, you need not follow things which are wrong for the Priest was over them, but your 'No' can be without hurting, with prayer and with love.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Father God, forgive me for showing disrespect towards my elders. It is in my weakness in anger that I have acted such mangers. Help me control my anger and operate in love like You do to me, even when I am wrong You show love unto me and be gentle towards me. I make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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