GOD IS ALIVE every nano second

Luke 21:17,18 - And ye shall be hated of all men for my name's sake. But there shall not an hair of your head perish.

All must have read this scripture but yet I have come across very, very few (I can count on my figure) people who really believe it. This is a very hard truth which got written into over a period of a year. As I kept monitoring my spiritual fluctuation I could notice the effect in my life.

All know that hair does fall everyday in a person's life. The quantity varies from person to person. But none realize that even a strain will not fall unless the Lord allows it.

Many may say I do know that, but do they really believe. If so then why do people consider it okay with sickness, accidents, obstructions in one's activities, calamities etc...

Most people believe God but also considered God helpless or sleeping or gone for vacation most part of the day, other than prayer time, outreaches etc... I have come across so call believers who can not digest that Jesus did not have any sickness and was perfect. They say all is not written in the Bible. But they do not understand that what is written says 'He was WITHOUT BLEMISH'. Even if there was a minute defect like sickness in Him, your faith is ZERO and your salvation is lost.

Our problems start because we do not discern; nor follow the Word of God in spirit and truth and do know the difference between persecution and chastising. I can tell you this, when your eyes open to the truth, the very marrow inside your bones will shake, with what you see happening in this world in the Name of God.

Let me tell you one thing all are not called to be martyrs but witnesses to the Lord Jesus Christ. There are some called to be martyrs and their names are already written. As for the remaining no one can touch a hair of you unless the Lord allows. Please do not give Satan too much credit nor glorify him. Most of the time, it is the foolishness of man because he is blind to the truth and provokes the wrath of God.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Father God, You are Almighty God. When we are under your wings nothing in the world can even touch us without your permission, not even our feet can hurt against a stone or a hair of our heads fall. Lord, help us realize this truth every moment of our lives especially when we are in this world and its affairs...

This we ask in Jesus' Name,Amen.

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