Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde in us

Romans 7:15 - For that which I do I know not: for not what I would, that do I practise; but what I hate, that I do.

Everyone must be aware of the famous story of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde, where Dr Jekyll is the god character and Mr Hyde the evil character which dwell in the same person like a split personality. We all have this split personality dwelling in us to some extent.

Many years back when I had not even gone through these scriptures in Romans the Lord was teaching me on this when I was on a trip with a brother who was also in the Lord but at that time was more mature than me and thus I used to look up to him.

Even though he was more knowledgeable and experienced than me yet he also had the Jekyll and Hyde factor in him. We were in the same room in a hotel and he had a weakness. One day he fell to his temptation and that night the Lord showed me what he had done. The next day when I confronted him on it he nearly broke down. He did have problem on that incident for some time but latter overcame. That incident also taught me what happened to him could happen to me too, thereafter I fear Men and Women of God when I spiritually backslide.

These characters of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde are also referred by Paul as the New and Old man in us. The Dr Jekyll is the born again person in us which loves light and the Kingdom of God. But even though we are born again in Christ we still have this Mr Hyde who tries to undo our progress in the Kingdom of God and bring us back into darkness.

People think that this Mr Hyde is completely destroyed in them when they are born again. They are not wrong to some extend but are also not right because they do not know who this Mr Hyde is.

The Mr Hyde is us is the evil in us which is partly our creation and partly inherited from our ancestors. When we are born again the part which is our creation is completely destroyed but that which is inherited remains. This part which remains is not the sins of our ancestors, for God does not punish the children for the sins of the fathers but yet we have some scriptures which state something like that.

We need to understand when we do a wrong deed our wrong deed is not passed unto our children but the nature to do that wrong deed is. For example if I murder a person or even tell a lie the blood I spilled or the lie sin would not be passed unto my child but the nature to do a murder or the nature to lie will. This nature to sin that we inherit or creator is the Hyde in us, while the nature of Christ which we are induced with when we are born again in Him is the Jekyll in us. The more of Jekyll grows in us the more the Hyde character gets supressed. This is the overcoming which the Holy Spirit helps us in our walk in the path of Christ.

This Hyde was created right from Adam and all our ancestors have added unto that character. As the Lord states the nature to do that wrongs goes down 4 generations if none fall unto that specific nature then the nature to do that dies. But every time a person falls prey to that nature or creates it that nature gets passed on for another 4 generations.

Now imagine the accumulated evil nature that lies beneath us, it is like a volcano waiting to bust. But yet we should not worry for it was this is the reason the Lord said the more of His grace and His Spirit would be poured in the latter days knowing we would have a greater Hyde to deal with.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are Holy and You want your children to also be holy. You hate sin and when Adam and Eve sinned You cursed them. But You also made a way for us to overcome the result of the curse by making available a Branch to be grafted unto by your Spirit. Lord, as we keep on breaking our links to the old vine Adam and get grafted into the New Vine which is Christ strengthen us and hold us up by your abundant grace...

We make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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