Times of Hunger

Lamentations 5:9-11
9 We gat our bread with lives because of the sword of the wilderness.
10 Our skin was black [kindled] like an oven [furnace] because of the terrible famine.
11 They ravished [humbled] the women in Zion, and the maids in the cities of Judah.

In this world God has created everything that connects to each other. All things depend on each other in one way or the other. If one thing is disturbed there is sure to see its effects in nature.

I was watching a documentary which stated the migration birds were deceasing in numbers just because the change in climate had caused them to reach late to their destination and by the time they reached the caterpillars had already transformed into butterflies and thus the birds landed going hungry and dying. Such changes in the climate have resulted in some place to see hundreds of birds, fishes and animal die in great numbers.

Yesterday's message was a warning to us and today's message gives and preview of that warning.

In countries like USA we hear of great Men of God speaking great things on television. But when events like 9/11 happened there was a period where all these great men took refuge in shadows. There was no Man of God whom the Lord spoke through beforehand and warned about the events, there was no Man of God who stood out boldly and shined giving glory to God.

Today's message talks of a great time of hunger. This warning was given even before, almost a year back and in the Bible when the Lord has warned of famine then one has seen such great disasters which baffled the senses of man. There are cases where mothers killed their own siblings for food, people ate parts of their own body as soup.

Hunger is one of the worst things for man and it brings out or manifests the true nature of inner man in each of us.

The Lord is telling us when this hunger will come then will these Men of God be humbled and shall no longer walk in pride and in earthly ambitions, so also will whose serving in His Vineyard.

It may baffle you to know that even if 2 true Men of God reside in your country your whole country can be saved from many disasters. If we understand this we will realize the spiritual famine that exists among us.

It is this worldly famine which will help eliminate the spiritual famine that exists.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, there are many who claim to know You but are far from You. They have contaminated the Kingdom of God with worldly desires and worldly understandings. It is by your patience and mercy that You did not turn your face from them. But You will not go against your Word and the time has come for change. You will not allow the foolishness to destroy the works of your Hands. Lord, like You took care of Elisha in the time of famine, so also You will take care of us even in these times...

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