We make mistakes because...

Mark 12:24 - And Jesus answering said unto them, Do ye not therefore err, because ye know not the scriptures, neither the power of God?

We see many things go wrong with us. We say we have faith and even keep reciting scriptures for long and still find they are not working. The main reason we make mistakes or we fail to see the power of God in our lives is firstly because of our lack of understanding of the scriptures and secondly our lack of knowledge of the Lord or the power of God.

In short it is the lack of knowledge due to which we suffer. The Word of God should be followed in spirit and truth not just in words and this can only be done when we get the true understanding.

Understanding can come only when you live the Word, that experience will increase your wisdom. As your wisdom increases you will find it easier in the future. The other way is when the wisdom of God works in you and gives you the understanding right away. Either ways the revelation of the Word will help you know the power of God and experience it.

[ Prayer Starter ]

Lord, I thank You for your Spirit of Truth with which You have blessed me. Holy Spirit, reveal the understanding of the Word to me either in the natural or the supernatural way. So that I may not err or fail to experience the power of God. I make this prayer in Jesus' Name, Amen.

[ Reference Scripture ]

Hosea 4:6
6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge,...

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