I came to give life

I came to give life - life in all its fullness. -- John 10:10

For thousands of years, God gave us his voice. Prior to Bethlehem, He gave his messengers, his teachers, his Word. But in the manger and on the day of Pentecost, God gave us Himself.

Many people have trouble with such a teaching. Islam sees God as one who sends others. He sends angels, prophets, books, but God to come to us Himself is not possible. For God to touch the earth would be called a "shirk." People who claim that God has touched the earth shirk God's Holiness; they consider it gross, blaspheme..

It is true that God the Father is so Holy that sin can stand before Him. Any being unclean will instantly die in front of Him. It is the Son and his Spirit; who prepare us to come before the Father.

Christianity, by contrast, celebrates God's great descent. God's (All Three) love for us is so much that God the Son lowered Himself from his greatest position where every thing in Heaven and on Earth, under the Earth and the Sea are under his feat; to a mere man. And the Son made way for God the Holy Spirit to dwell among us. God's nature did not trap Him in heaven, but leads Him to earth. In God's great gospel, He not only sends, He becomes; He not only looks down, He lives among; He not only talks to us, He lives with us as one in us.

[ Prayer for the Day ]

Lord, I thank You for your great love. You lowered yourself so low, that You came to earth as a human. You dwell with us and love, guide, comfort us every moment of our lives. As I approach the day we celebrate in remembrance of this great gospel, help me cherish and live your purpose. Help me share this gospel with others who do not know You. I ask this in Jesus' Name. Amen

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