Repentance that gets heard

"They will confess their sins and the sins of their fathers for the treachery in which they have betrayed Me, and for having behaved towards me in a contrary manner. Therefore I too will behave towards them in a contrary manner, and I will bring them into the land of their enemies. Perhaps then their unfeeling heart will be humbled, and they will gain appeasement for their sins." Leviticus 26:40

So concludes the words of rebuke the Lord communicated through Moses, regarding what would eventually happen to the Israelites upon abandoning God's Word in their Promised Land. However, traditional teaching of repentance does not seem to fit into the above. Here we read that the Lord will continue to punish the Israelites even after they acknowledge their wrong-doings and confess them to the Almighty.

Why would the Lord respond by intensifying Israel's persecution instead of accepting their repentance?

Just repentance from the mouth is not sufficient the repentance should come from the heart. When you speak the Lord does not pay great attention to your words of your mouth as much He does to the words that come out from your heart.

Like prayer should come from your heart, so should repentance come from your heart.

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