Our sacrifices do not please God, our ways do

Micah 6:7,8 - Will the LORD be pleased with thousands of rams, or with ten thousands of rivers of oil? shall I give my firstborn for my transgression, the fruit of my body for the sin of my soul? He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the LORD require of thee, but to do justly [live righteously], and to love mercy [live in His grace], and to walk humbly [live modestly] with thy God?

In the first part of today's message the Lord is telling us the sacrifice of thousands of rams or giving ten thousands of rivers of oil, do not please Him.

We live in a time where we do not do such things as sacrificing rams or pouring out oil to the Lord so why this message to us?

The Lord wants us to be aware we have many people who spend a lot of time praying, fasting, giving charity and they feel these things make them a good Christian. Even if we be on our knees the whole day or be stretched out on the floor for hours praying to the Lord, the Lord is telling us these things do not please Him. It is not that they are bad, they are good and necessary but they do not buy favour with the Lord. Any sacrifice even if it is of our most loved thing does not buy favour of the Lord.

In the second part of today's message the Lord is telling us exactly what pleases Him and buys His favour over our lives and these things are our living righteously, living under His grace and living a modest life. Also it is not sufficient that we do just these but we do these 'with Him'. The most important thing is being with Him.

People do many things taking the Lord's name but they never confirm if the Lord is with them in their task. People sow and sow and find either no results or hardly any results for the efforts they put out for the Lord. Let us be like Moses who told the Lord if He would not be with them they would not go and were ready to die in the desert place.

Let us remember always, to gain the favour of the Lord we need do a spiritual sacrifice not just a physical sacrifice. Sacrificing our sinful ways and our desires for things that please the flesh, these please God more than anything. He does not require us to live a hermit's life but tells us to live a modest life. A modest life means have things that are necessary and not that 'extra'. Even though He blesses us with that extra we need to give that extra to those around us who are of need.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, You are God and no amount of gold or silver, sacrifice of animals or the works of our hands can please You. You are our providers so what can we give You. You made all things living so what is of ours that we can offer You. It is You who gives strength to our hands so how can its work please You. But Lord You gave us the freedom of choose and when we make the right choice it pleases You. You gave a perfect image which we corrupted by sin and when we put this image back in order, it pleases You. Although man was removed from your presence, yet You stretched out your Hand (Holy Spirit) through your Son and when we hold this Hand and walk with You it please You. Lord we want to please You and it is the only desire in our hearts to please You and without your help it is not possible, help us O Lord to please You...

This prayer we make in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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