Preach the Gospel

Romans 10:15 - And how shall they preach, except they be sent? as it is written, How beautiful are the feet of them that preach the gospel of peace, and bring glad tidings of good things!

I like to share with you something awesome that happened on last Saturday 18th Oct 2008. A sister in Christ who was called as a music evangelist launched her ministering in Christ on that day; that too in an awesome way. If I tell you the details of the background you will just be amazed how it all happened?

Well in short, there was this all faith devotional completion organized by the Kapur family (Bollywood actress Karishma Kapoor's in-laws). The Lord had told this sister to participate for this event and give the Gospel to all present. So, this sister with the Lord's leading composed two songs and sent them as entries and got selected. After being selected she came to know that she was not eligible to compete due to non fulfillment of some criteria. She spoke to the organizers and they came back to her saying that they would still want her to participate since they found her good.

She was internally not feeling right to do so but since the Lord had told her, she went ahead ready to drop out if asked to make a wrong decision. And the Lord did not let her down but gave her the stage without competing for the price money. All the other participants were bajan (Hindu devotional music) singers come from different parts of India, except for her. In front of this totally Hindu audience of 300 to 400, cream of the Hindu devotional music, this sister came on stage. Before she started singing, she for the first time preached on the stage and gave the complete Gospel. Her starting words were like this - As a small girl I wanted to spend my eternal life with Almighty God so I studied the scriptures of different religions, since all say they lead to God. All the religions speak about being good and leading a righteous life to reach God. But I realized that inside me is a sinful nature which will never be perfect. For if I do one sin or many sins I am still a sinner. And as a sinner I cannot come into God's presence for He is Holy. But the Bible say that Jesus Christ became a Blood sacrifice for my sins, by which I am made righteous. I need to only have faith, believing and accepting His Word..... I invite all to believe in Him for He is the only way to the Almighty Father....

As she was preaching I see the faces of all the people there, looking at each other and could sense the tension in the place. But when she started singing the Gospel their jaws dropped. The judges who are very famous bajan singers (called with a title Pandit) were clapping to the song. They even came to meet her behind the stage and told her, that if she had competed she would have won. But they were not aware of the reward she had already received which was far more than their award. For that day she realized the purpose of her life and the joy of the Lord erupted in her.

You too will be called to preach the Gospel it may be to a simple audience like your close neighbor or to a large crowd from a stage; are you ready and willing? For when you say 'yes' you will see another side of life and the joy of the Lord will be in you which nothing can take away.

[ Prayer Starter ]
Lord, according to your Word, You are going to call many to give witness to your Good News. Lord, prepare our hearts and give us courage that each and every person You call will say 'YES' to You. I ask this in Jesus' Name, Amen.

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